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Jade Small
February 22, 2024 ·  4 min read

“I Should Love My Wife the Same Way I Want My Daughter to Be Loved.” Things Every Father of a Girl Needs to Remember

The relationship between a father and his daughter is a special and influential bond that lays the foundation for a young girl’s self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being. A father’s involvement can shape her worldview, aspirations, and emotional growth. By actively participating in her life and using positive communication, fathers can contribute significantly to their daughter’s development. Here are eight important things fathers should do and say to foster a strong and supportive relationship with their daughters.

1. “I should love my wife the same way I want my daughter to be loved”

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A father’s love and devotion to his wife play a pivotal role in shaping his daughter’s understanding of love, respect, and healthy relationships. When a father treats his wife with kindness, consideration, and affection, he sets a powerful example for the kind of love his daughter should expect. Additionally, it gives her an example of what to look for. This foundation of love and respect becomes the standard against which she measures her own relationships, guiding her toward making choices that prioritize her emotional well-being and happiness. Thus, a father’s genuine and heartfelt love for his wife becomes an invaluable lesson that resonates throughout his daughter’s life journey.

2. Give Her Many Happy Memories

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No trendy gadget can fill the void of genuine attention. In other words, a father possesses the power to treat his young daughter to a shared ice cream outing or engage in their favorite activity. Even if it means adorning a tutu and dancing like ballerinas. Crafting lasting memories does not require forking out large sums of money. Instead, it serves as a means to forge a deep emotional bond. Fathers hold the opportunity to impart the wisdom that significance lies in the small gestures, demonstrating that every fleeting instance can be transformed into something extraordinary.

3. Stay Involved, Even When She Grows Into a Woman

Teenage girl crying while her father reassuring her

Many fathers feel the need to give their daughters space when they hit their teenage years. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but fathers need to make sure they are right there to catch their daughters when their emotions get the better of them. Being emotionally engaged with your daughter opens the space for a trusting relationship. So, fathers should learn to embrace it all, from periods to their first kiss to awkward social media pictures they beg you to be in.

4. Fathers should Be Involved Right From Infancy

Father's Care. Loving Black Dad Feeding His Cute Baby Son From Spoon At Home, Young African American Daddy Giving Healthy Food To His Little Toddler Child While They Relaxing Together In Living Room

This one isn’t necessarily restricted to fathers and daughters. It encompasses the role many fathers think they should take with their children from the moment of their birth. Unfortunately, many dads think it’s the mothers’ place for the first few years of their children’s lives. But, a hands-on dad who was proud to change every diaper is one who forged a strong bond right from the start.

5. Dads Should Take Their Daughters on Dates

Cute little girl and her father.Father gives bouquet flowers his little daughter.

This point ties in nicely with the first one. Taking your daughter out on a date is one of the best ways to show her what she should expect from a man. It gives her a reference for how she should be treated. So, let her choose the restaurant, open up the car doors, and get her flowers. Money doesn’t have to be an obstacle. You could just take her for a walk on the beach and cook her favorite meal at home where you make it into a special evening. Making your daughter feel special doesn’t only impact her future relationships, it deepens your bond as father and daughter.

6. Show Up

Little girl opens birthday present surprise box. Family celebrate daughter's birthday and look at gift

No matter how much money you will be earning from that meeting, your daughter will always appreciate your presence more than the next best piece of technology you could buy her if you win that deal. It does not matter if your daughter can’t dance, her recital is important to her. More importantly, do your best to never miss their birthday. This shows her you love the day she came into this world which is one of the most supportive things a father can do. Be the dad who shows up in her life.

7. Tell Her She’s Beautiful, Both Inside and Out

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Expressing to a daughter that she possesses beauty both on the inside and outside is an essential affirmation that nurtures her self-esteem and self-image. By acknowledging her inner qualities such as kindness, empathy, and intelligence, a father reinforces the importance of character over appearance. Simultaneously, when a father praises his daughter’s external features, he cultivates a sense of self-acceptance and confidence in her physical appearance. This balanced and holistic approach shows her she is worth so much more than what society may say.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Forgiveness

The relationship between parent and child. Father pities his little daughter, stroking her back, which was offended and turned away from him. Talk about parenting and behavior. Apology, forgiveness.

Fathers must remember they are only humans. This means they will most likely make mistakes from time to time. But, it is equally as important to remember their daughters have feelings, and they deserve to be apologized to when necessary. Saying you’re sorry is one thing, but asking for forgiveness is the next best thing you could do. This shows her it’s okay to make mistakes, and it teaches her how to forgive when someone hurts her. This is paving the way to a healthy future.


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