Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 25, 2024 ·  2 min read

Little Boy Playing With Bubbles Finds Missing 82-Year-Old Woman With Alzheimer’s

People suffering from Alzheimer’s really have it hard. And they need all the help they can get. This is the tale of a toddler who found a missing 82-year-old woman suffering from the disease. While it does sound quite surreal, it is anything but. Ethan, a 1 ½-year-old toddler was playing with bubbles in their home in Georgia when the bubbles started drifting away. With a curiosity that is present in kids, he started crawling after them with the family dogs. This didn’t seem out of routine for the child, but then something caught his eye which made him stop. And this resulted in Brittany Moore- the mother- coming to check it out. 

The mother stated, “I went over there and was like, ‘What do you see buddy?’ and he pointed and said, ‘Feet’. Okay, buddy, can you say that again? What did you say? And he said, ‘Feet.’” Brittany couldn’t see anything initially. But after she went down to her son’s height, she did see a pair of feet poking out. After an initial moment of panic, she decided to call for help. First responders to the scene were able to detect the individual as an 82-year-old woman called Nina Lipscomb. This woman suffers from Alzheimer’s and was missing since the night of Monday. When they found the woman, she was still alive- but was quite disoriented due to the disease and being exhausted.[1]

Toddler Finds Lady With Alzheimer’s While Chasing After Bubbles

It was reported that the family of the woman had been searching for her constantly ever since she had disappeared. In fact, they had also taken recourse to thermal technology to find her. Karen Lipscomb, the daughter, informed WGCL, “We pulled out every resource we thought we needed but it was a little boy and she’s very fond of children.” The woman suffering from Alzheimer’s had left the house because she was in search of her sister- who was deceased. “Her sister lived here in this house, but she passed away in March but growing up they lived on Glacier Road which is just around the corner.”[2]

Little Ethan Moore in the arms of his mother.
Image Credits: Bethany Moore

Brittany believes that this discovery did bring both families quite close. “I truly think this was something outside of what any human could do. It took a child who was being worked by God. We will always teach him what he did, how he played an impact in it.” Karen also thanked Brittany, “Thank you for your Christian walk. I recognized it right off. The story of bubbles is so pure and innocent and yet effective.” The family of the woman suffering from Alzheimer’s did want to reward the Moores with money, but the latter refused. After all who would seek financial compensation for doing something humane?


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