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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
October 25, 2022 ·  3 min read

Little Boy Needs Forever Family, Wants to Remain in Contact with Siblings

Foster care is a double-edged sword. Some children find loving homes and make friends with their foster siblings. On the other hand, many children feel traumatized and unsettled moving from home to home. Regardless of their experience, children are always deserving of love. One sweet little guy named Caison has entered the foster care system and is looking for his forever family.

Foster Care has an Impact

Foster care was designed to help children while they wait to find their forever families. During that time, families provide children with a place to live and a family structure. Usually, children will require additional care. Some examples are helping with school or doctor’s appointments. Unfortunately, not every family who is part of the program has the best interest of the kids in mind.

This means children often come out hurt and traumatized by the time they find their forever family. The sad reality is that there are many children all over the world who cannot stay with their families. Having to leave their homes and families behind is often, both, painful and confusing.

Caison looking for his forever family
Caison. Image Credit: KVUE

Caison Loves His Siblings

7-Year-old Caison is one of the children who are lucky enough to have some family. He has been living with his aunt, but she has recently made a tough decision. She’ll need to put him into foster care. She hopes he will find a forever family that’ll give him as much love as he gives to the world.

Caison on the other hand hopes to be able to stay in contact with his siblings. He has 3 siblings, 1 older and 2 that are younger. His brother is 13 almost 14, the younger are both sisters. One is 4 and the other is a baby whose just had a birthday. Yareli Sillero is Caison’s case worker. Silero says, “This change is still fresh and he’s having a hard time getting adjusted”.

Meet the Boy Looking for Forever Family

People have described Caison as a sweet boy who likes to help people. He says wants to become a firefighter when he grows up. Caison tells Hannah Rucker from KVUE, if he could be any animal, he’d be a lion. HE says they have furry hair. She then asks if he’d be mean or nice and Caison says he’d be a nice lion.

Caison is quoted saying, “It’s nice to be kind to other people.” After the day Caison and Hannah spent together one thing is clear. He is a sweetheart who wants to show kindness, help when possible, and keep a close relationship with the people he loves. In this case, Caison is referring to his siblings.

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Caison. Image Credit: KVUE

Waiting for Their Forever Family

Oftentimes, CPS places children into foster care when there is cause for concern. These children can be living in unsafe conditions or are neglected or abused. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, family members who are looking after these children are unable to do so any longer.

This is the case with 7-year-old Caison and his aunt. Fortunately for Caison, he is living in Austin, Texas. The local news channel KVUE has partnered with an organization that works with CPS to ensure children get what they need. KVUE highlighted the kids in the area who are looking for their forever family. There are an estimated 1,000 children in need of finding their forever family, in the Austin area.

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