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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 9, 2023 ·  3 min read

Mom is slammed for putting her kids in a box to get some alone time

Mothers have always been natural multitaskers; juggling excited toddlers and a hefty vacuum cleaner is no joke. They have this ability ingrained into the very fiber of their being. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t crave some alone time or the simplicity of getting one task done without their children hanging onto them, tripping them, or bursting into tears. One mother recently went viral on TikTok for posting her hack to motherhood. Some were all for it, others thought she was being cruel.

Alone time hack
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Mom-hack for some alone time

Gabrielle Lynn Dunn, known on TikTok as @mrs.gabidunn, has been sweeping through the internet for a viral post she made. It showed her boasting about a life hack to motherhood which promised her a few minutes of alone time. It provided a means to get her household chores done without being tripped by her two toddler girls. So, she put them in a box. Yes, an actual cardboard box. In Gabriella’s children’s case, it was a box that once contained power tools.

A box is her hack for alone time
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Gabrielle first got the idea from another mother who posted the same hack with her two children. Abby Franco, or @abbyfranco6 in TikTok, posted the clip first, and Gabriella stitched hers to it. The box was big enough to fit both her girls inside, and they decorated the inside of it together. They appear to have fun, but some mothers thought it was lazy parenting. On the other hand, many mothers thought she was a pure genius. No matter what, Gabriella’s point was made. It provided an opportunity to get some alone time to finish off the house chores.

Cruel or genius?

Naturally, the internet has had a lot to share about this post. Everyone has a different opinion on how to raise their child, and there are many people who like to share their opinion. Vehemently or not. Some mothers thought Gabriella was being lazy for putting her kids in a box. Others thought she was being cruel and neglectful for wanting some alone time.

One person said: “Imagine not wanting to hang out with your kids.” Another person wrote: “When they get bored and break out and use those crayons on the walls just remember it was your fault.” A second person joined in and asked why they were not playing in their bedroom. “Don’t they have a bedroom to play in?” they wrote. Another mom said this might not be a great idea for her boys. It might end in tears. “My boys would get bored and start wrestling and pulling each other around it,” they wrote.

Happy kids in a box
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Those in favor

For the most part, the comments are praising Gabriella’ for her genius idea. Some mothers expressed that they wish they had seen this video earlier because it would have made their life so much easier. One person wrote: “Dang I wish I would’ve known this.” Another person complimented Gabriella’s clever idea for some alone time. They said: “genius, my grandmother use put me in one.. now I know why😂😂😂.”

Next, there were even people who had memories of their parents putting them into boxes to get some alone time. They wrote: “When my parents bought a patio set I made a spaceship with the box and it is a prime core memory for me.” Finally, another parent who does the same thing wrote: “we also upgraded ours [with] xmas LED lights. our kids usually have more fun [with] the boxes than toys inside lol.”

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