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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
May 6, 2024 ·  2 min read

Outrage as kids aged eight and 13 ‘marry and move in together’ with parents’ blessing

Marriage is typically something that happens in adulthood when two people are old enough and presumably mature enough to make such a big commitment.  Should kids get married if they have the financial means and career success to back it up? Most of you will likely say no. The parents of these two Ukrainian social media stars, however, disagree.

Should Kids Get Married: 8- and 13-Year-Old Social Media Stars Tie The Knot

Eight-year-old child model and blogger Mila Maxanets and 13-year-old Pavel Pai influencer recently had a pretend wedding ceremony and moved in together in Kyiv, Ukraine. Both of their parents reportedly support the decision whole-heartedly. (1)

Local news stations report that the parents don’t see anything wrong with the children living together like an adult couple. They apparently also encourage the pair to post somewhat provocative content. They believe the kids should be able to do what they feel is right and it is not their job as parents to stop them. (1)

Both sets of parents have denied making any money off of the move. Others claim that this is not true, saying that the adults said it would generate a lot of income on social media for them. (2)

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Outrage Online

Naturally, people are very upset that two young children are living together, “married”, with their parent’s encouragement. They are especially concerned that their example will influence other children who follow them on social media. The fear is that this will make their young followers vulnerable to pedophilia and trafficking. (2)

The girl has millions of subscribers on various social networks who constantly follow her as an idol,” says lawyer and criminologist Anna Maylar. “So there is a risk that they will begin to imitate their idol and become easy prey for paedophiles.” (2)

She also added:

“This absolutely goes against the normal sexual development of children.” (1)

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Asking The Authorities To Step In

Should kids get married? Absolutely not. This is why a growing number of people online are calling for the authorities to step in. They say that authorities should take each child into care and block their social media profiles. (2)

So far, neither Instagram, the Ukranian authorities, or the kid’s parents have made any statements.

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