John Travolta with his family, including his daughter Ella Bleu Travolta
Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
February 7, 2024 ·  3 min read

 “I Hope to Be Half as Good a Parent as You” John Travolta’s Daughter Thanks Him for Being Such an Amazing Father

Parenting is one of life’s most challenging and rewarding tasks. In the last few years, it’s become apparent that fathers are just as important as mothers. Although they often get far less credit. In contrast, for at least one father, this clearly isn’t the case. Ella Bleu Travolta posted a heartwarming tribute for her father on Instagram just days before his wedding anniversary with late wife, Kelly Preston.

John Travolta’s Daughter Dotes on Him

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Ella Bleu Travolta has grown into a beautiful and talented young woman, making her way in Hollywood as a singer, actress, and model. Despite her abilities, she credits her father and the role he’s played in her life for “making every day better.” John Travolta’s daughter shared with her more than 700,000 followers that he “makes parenting look easy,” noting that it certainly isn’t. She shared the sweet sentiment just days before her parents’ wedding anniversary.

Overcoming Unimaginable Difficulties

John Travolta and Kelly Preston were married for 28 years, having three children and a beautiful life together. Sadly, in 2020, Kelly passed away from breast cancer. As a result, John took some time away from work to focus on his grief and his children. While he suffered an unimaginable loss when Kelly passed, the pair also went through their own trials together. Sadly, their oldest son, Jett, passed away in 2009. Shortly after the untimely death of Jett, the pair learned that they had a baby on the way. While in the midst of their grief, the family now had a bright light to help them cope with the dark. Despite the ups and downs, John Travolta’s daughter has an Instagram full of pictures of herself with her family, proving they have an unbreakable bond.

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Ella Bleu Travolta also shared that her dad is her “best friend” and “someone who brings her joy“. Unsurprisingly, he shares a similar sentiment. “She is gracious, generous, poised, graceful and gorgeous. I don’t know how she came to be, and I don’t take any credit other than just adoring her,” Travolta told PEOPLE 2019. “And maybe that’s a valid contribution.”

Who is Ella Bleu Travolta?

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Although she is the daughter of two Hollywood celebrities, Ella Bleu Travolta has also made a name for herself among the glitz and glamour. She was born on April 3, 2000. Amusingly, she found a passion for acting at a very young age, putting on home plays and insisting it was “mandatory” for her parents to attend. Fortunately, her parents nurtured that passion. Now it seems there’s nothing this beauty can’t do.

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She made her first onscreen appearance in 2009, alongside her father in the movie ‘Old Dogs.’ A decade later, she made appearances in 2 more movies. Then, in 2021, she announced the upcoming release of her first single, ‘Dizzy.’ Recently, she appeared in ‘Get Lost’ and has also ventured into modeling. Her talents don’t end there. She’s an avid baker but, more importantly, an adoring big sister. Their mom, Kelly Preston, once said in an interview that Ella Bleu Travolta was “elated” to be a big sister. “You would have thought Ella was having Benjamin herself because of her enthusiasm about his arrival — she was elated, to say the least. When she first saw him, she fell in love,” she said.

Ella Bleu Travolta and her family have had some severe ups and downs. Fortunately, they’ve cultivated an environment full of love and support for one another, ultimately setting her up for success.


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