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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
February 9, 2024 ·  3 min read

Jessica Biel Sparks Debate After Revealing Bizarre Shower Habit

Everyone has their own unique shower routine. Some people prefer using their hands to clean themselves, while others opt for a loofah or a cloth. Some take great care in thoroughly washing every part of their body, including their thighs and feet, while others might skip those areas altogether, deeming it unnecessary. Then there are those who rely on a multitude of products, perhaps influenced by clever Instagram ads, while others keep it simple with just one, maybe even resorting to dish soap.

We’re all different, and that’s perfectly fine—well unless you happen to be Jessica Biel.

Jessica Biel on eating in the shower
Image Credit: jessbiel TikTok

Recently, Jessica Biel stirred up some online chatter by revealing a rather unconventional shower habit. The actress, who shares two children with Justin Timberlake, confessed to her peculiar routine on TikTok. “I think maybe some of you know this about me,” she began. “But I love to eat in the shower. I love to eat and drink in the shower. Shower-appropriate items like cereal or yogurt. Coffee, tea, popsicles. I know, melt factor. But safe, you know, anything drops, you’re good.

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Now, that’s certainly a new one, Jessica

Jessica Biel in the shower eating an orange
Image Credit: jessbiel TikTok

Following her revelation, reactions poured in. While many of us may have enjoyed a beverage in the bath or shower, the concept of consuming a full meal while cleansing oneself struck a chord of disbelief with quite a few. One commenter asked, “Do you just stand under a waterfall eating cereal… or how does it work? Do you dump your milk down? Genuinely curious, never heard of this before lol.” Another simply stated, “That’s very strange.”

Responding to the buzz her video generated, Biel took to TikTok once more to clarify her shower-eating routine: “I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge, and then you do your thing,” she explained. “The only tricky thing is that when you’re chewing, you got to keep your mouth closed because I still like to get under the water while I’m chewing, and for whatever reason, I want to open my mouth at the same time and spit water.”

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Many commented that the shower water running gave them anxiety
Image Credit: jessbiel TikTok

Her advice? “Chew, do not open the mouth [and] do not let the shower water in. There you go, enjoy your shower-consuming.” Despite her efforts to explain, some viewers remained unconvinced. “Still gross,” one person commented.

In the end, Jessica Biel’s shower habits might be a bit out of the ordinary for many of us, but they serve as a reminder that we all have our quirks. Whether it’s about how we shower or any other aspect of our lives, embracing our differences is what makes us human. So, while you may not find yourself munching on cereal in the shower anytime soon, perhaps Biel’s unorthodox routine serves as a gentle nudge to celebrate the uniqueness in each of us.

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