jeans with what looks like a urine stain or wet pants denim

Jeans That Look Like You’ve Peed Your Pants Are The New Trend, But Why?

Now we’ve all come across some bizarre fashion trends before. Even some of the greatest ideas came about as spoofs or jokes like South Park or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Some trends are hard to grasp at first. Your first reaction might just be to burst out laughing, or maybe you’ll just scratch your head in confusion. Well, here’s something that fits that description perfectly, from a brand called Wet Pants Denim, which has resurfaced with their rather strange incontinence aesthetic look jeans. In 2019, the idea broke onto the global fashion scene with a rather damp explosion. The urine-stained crotch look was certainly not for everyone, and while the New York-based denim brand did manage to get a few notable celebrities behind the idea, most people simply didn’t get it. Let’s take a closer look at this outlandish trend, and we’ll make up our own minds. [1]

Wet Pants Denim stained-crotch jeans.
Image: Wet Pants Denim

Why incontinence though?

Some fashion trends are misunderstood and thrown back in the closet. We dismiss them as something we just would never wear. However, is there more to Wet Pants Denim than meets the eye? The CEO claims that the idea was inspired by a fetish people have for decorative urination in their jeans. However, I think there’s more to it than that somehow. Proudly wearing a stained-crotch pair of jeans could be a powerful social statement instead. The general obsession we have for celebrating youth culture and young people in any way, shape, or form, makes us forget one thing: we are all getting older. Many of us fear this and dread the idea of having to be looked after one day. Wet Pants Denim shows us that there is no shame in that. Incontinence is a symbol of age and losing control and they encourage wearing it proudly. [2]

The Wet Pants Denim tag inside.
Image: Wet Pants Denim

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The idea for wet pants denim was ‘well researched’

The CEO of Wet Pants Denim, who remained unnamed, said, “some folks have a fetish wherein they pee their pants because they like the way it looks.” He continued, saying, “there’s an obvious downside to this, though, in that you’re inevitably wet for hours.” The mysterious CEO revealed he “wanted to provide a solution to those underserved consumers.” His idea was “that they no longer had to be wet, and could have a sustained ‘wet pants’ look as long as they please.” When marketing, he said, “the beauty of Instagram’s advertising platform is that you can target any demographic you like.” The Wet Pants Denim boss explained they’ve “been going for young adults in major cities with interests in fashion, online shopping, and other similar interests.” He said, “it’s been a good experiment, from a branding perspective, to see which garner the most active engagement, and we’re always learning.” [1]

Wet Pants Denim, MEL Magazine
White Wet Pants Denim jeans with a yellow stain.
Image: Wet Pants Denim

They even created their own cryptocurrency, “PissCoin”

The Wet Pants Denim was created “in an effort to reach a wider customer base and do our part to reduce textile pollution, we’re happy to provide the imagery of authentic urinary incontinence, on a pair of jeans that you already own, at a fraction of the cost.” Whether this was comedy or satire, they backed it up by creating their own cryptocurrency called PissCoin. “The world’s first cryptocurrency designed for the sole purpose of facilitating the purchase of jeans designed to simulate the look of authentic urinary incontinence.” [1]

The Wet Pants Denim CEO said that “with the world’s growing affinity and bewilderment for cryptocurrencies, I felt that launching our own was an obvious choice. Security in payments is paramount in today’s marketplace, and adding an extra layer of optional complexity to our transaction helps to increase this.” [1]

Wet Pants Denim, MEL Magazine/Bloomberg

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