Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 18, 2024 ·  3 min read

The Under Cabinet Jar Opener: The Kitchen Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

There are a few handy gadgets that you wouldn’t know you needed till you see them first-hand. How often have we struggled desperately to open a sealed glass jar of food? How many times have we even resorted to biting it in a last-ditch attempt to open the jar? Moreover, sometimes, it ends up in the jar, slipping out of our hands, falling, and breaking. However, there is an intriguing furniture installation that should give us more than enough leverage to get the lid off of even the most obstinate of jars. It’ an under-cabinet jar opener.

The specialized tool that has to be installed under a kitchen cabinet (hence the name) is designed to make opening jars convenient and easy for anyone. It is particularly helpful for people suffering from health concerns like weak wrists or arthritis. Moreover, the shape of the tool means it is almost inconspicuous. You will usually only see it when you need it the most (kind of like a superhero)!

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How Does The Under Counter Jar Opener Work?

If you look at the images, you will see that the gadget is a V-shaped opening sitting on top of a circular base. The opening has “teeth” that grip the item while you twist the jar. The added leverage and the automatic pull of gravity means that the muscle grease required to loosen the lid becomes exponentially less.

How To Install:

The circular base of the tool is held in place using three screws and a peel-and-stick tape of adhesive. The first step is to find the place below the cabinets in your kitchen where you want to attach the tool. Keep in mind that you want to be able to access the tool easily while also keeping it from obstructing anything else you might be doing in the kitchen. Then clean the area thoroughly and make sure there is no debris or grease.

Then, you use the appropriate hardware for mounting or simply use the provided screws to attach the under-the-kitchen jar opener. It is vital that the gadget is fixed firmly. Otherwise, there will be accidents if while you try to twist the jar using the tool the gadget falls off.

How To Operate:

If you think the opening is too small or too large, the under-the-cabinet jar opener usually lets you adjust the size of the opening. Depending on your model, you will find a knob that can be turned to adjust it. Go through the instruction manual once to find out how exactly it works on your model. Here are some of the best under counter jar openers you can find online:

Now, that the gadget is ready and firmly secured, it is time to open your first stubborn jar. Slide the jar inside the opening, and make sure that the lid is aligned with the teeth that will grip the lid. There will probably be another mechanism to activate the opener that will secure the jar even tighter. Depending on your model, this might mean rotating a handle, turning a lever, or turning on a mechanical grip.

All that remains now is to rotate the opener. You can also apply pressure gently to get the lid of the jar loose. The mechanism of the opener will aid in releasing the seal. It will also apply its own torque to ensure the process becomes as easy as possible. Finally, continue to turn till the jar’s lid can be removed by hand. That’s it! You now have an unsealed glass jar. If you are confused about which one to get, here is one of the highest-rated ones on Amazon: EZ Off Under Cabinet jar Opener

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