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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 9, 2024 ·  4 min read

Influencer Preaches Body Positivity Shows Off Plus Size Body In Bikini

Isn’t it wonderful when you find someone on social media that you completely relate to? This can be hard to find these days because so many people only post what they think people want to see. Today we are introducing you to a body positivity influencer. A plus-sized woman who eagerly flaunts her curves for her followers and anyone who happens to scroll through her videos.

Body Positivity is the New Way to Shine

One TikTok influencer has decided to throw away the towel of shame and insecurity, quite literally. She goes by the TikTok handle @thatfatbaddee, but her real name is Dee. She has made it her mission to motivate women worldwide to flaunt their curves – no matter what shape or size.

Last year, Dee posted a video to her page that went viral. At first, she was wrapped in a black and white towel, which she clung to as if severely uncomfortable with her body. The sound that she placed onto the video saw her mouthing the words, “That’s my purse,” in an awkward manner. Then, another voice instructed her to not be afraid to say it confidently. So, she quickly whipped the towel off, grabbed her belly, and yelled louder and more confidently, “That’s my purse!”

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Body Positivity radiates
image credit: TikTok / @thatfatbaddee

Dee was wearing a black bikini that revealed her stomach, arms, and legs. There was not an inch of insecurity visible. Rather, she boasted a confidence that seems to be a scarcity in today’s age. The text overlay of the clip read: “Don’t be afraid to show it, it’s just a belly.” The caption of the clip reads: “Your belly is cute and so are you🥰 #FatAcceptance #FatLiberation #PlusSize #ThatFatBaddee #BodyPositivity #BellyTok #BikiniBody.”

The clip was liked almost 24,000 times, and it has over 300 comments. Naturally, there were a mixed array of comments from both trolls and lovers of her content. However, if you go to Dee’s profile, she has a pinned video at the top of her page that states she deletes the nasty comments to keep her page as a safe place for fellow fat people.

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Another Body Positivity Post

Dee is determined to help curb the minds of society. So many people think that being fat is either a sin or it’s that they failed themselves. In one video, Dee posted herself wearing pair of black underwear and a white crop top that reveals her belly. She is dancing around, loving her body. The text overlay reads: “Just here to remind you that fat people are not failed thin people.”

Another video she posted echoes the same sentiment. In this post, she wants non-plus-sized people to realize what they say. Sometimes they seem like they intended to dish out a compliment, but it’s actually a backhanded diss. in this clip, she is once again flaunting her voluptuous body in a black bikini, and dancing happily. The text overlay reads: “Just a reminder that telling fat people that you, “love their confidence,” is not a compliment”

Positive Feedback

As previously mentioned, Dee does make sure there are no mean comments from the trolls for her viewers to read. She wishes for “fellow fat people” to feel boosted not only by watching her videos but also when they read the comments. Let’s face it, everyone tends to scroll through the comments to see what the public’s general opinion is. However, there is an abundance of body positivity comments to read.

One of her body positivity TikTok fans wrote, “Your amazing babe, but that fall at the end got me pissing myself. From the second I seen u I seen your positivity. Keep it up, your smashing it❤️.” Another fan wrote: “I be loving your attitude towards life, and how much positivity you throw the worlds way. such a stunner xoxoxo.”

Someone else commented: “I LIVE for the vibes on your page and the message you’re putting out there 🥰.” And finally, another comment reads: “awe this acc helps alot as when i go to the beach i always wear a long shirt over me bcs im insecure abt my body.”

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