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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 5, 2024 ·  5 min read

Young Boy Is Called An Idiot At The Hair Salon – a Short Story

It is funny how some people in this world see only what they want. They are so blinded by their egos and self-perceptions that they do not see what is right in front of them. This is the perfect environment to be made a fool of. Con artists are lurking behind every corner, and we must be vigilant to ensure we are not taken advantage of. However, when does one draw the line between right and wrong if the person you are conning is not exactly good?

Little Jeremy

Little Jeremy was a quiet boy. All the adults in their quiet little town thought he struggled to make friends, but he just preferred to keep to himself. His minimal talking often weirded people out, they weren’t ever sure what to say around him, so they just ignored him. One day, Jeremy was meant to make a presentation in front of his class, but he was very nervous. His teacher was extremely strict, and this caused him to stutter. The other kids in the class laughed and laughed; they were all very mean.

The little boy, Jeremy
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The news of his botched performance spread through the rest of the students in the school. And sure enough, the small-town gossip line led to everyone thinking Jeremy was a little slow. People started treating him differently; some would scoff at him as he walked past. Others would simply avoid eye contact with him. Jeremy ignored them all; his mother had told him to do that.

Jeremy’s mom had been a sickly woman. This might’ve explained to a psychologist why he was so quiet. he had never had exposure to other kids in his life. So, social skills were hard to come by. His mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer when Jeremy was only six years old. One year later, she died. Now, Jeremy lived with his grandparents because his father was so grief-stricken he was unable to care for him.

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He kept to himslef
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He keeps to himself and prefers it that way

The funny thing is Jeremy quite enjoyed his social status. Most people just ignored him so that he could mind his business perfectly. He enjoyed school, even though everyone thought he was slow. His teachers knew his grades were actually pretty decent. Sometimes he wondered to himself why they never said anything, but that would mean people might want to talk to him.

One day, he decided to visit the hair salon. His grandmother was particularly neat and preferred his hair cut short so that it couldn’t look scruffy. Jeremy didn’t mind; he would just play games on his phone while the hairdresser snipped away. The person who usually cut his hair was not there on this particular occasion. Instead, he was to have the substitute. Jeremy’s heart sank when he saw who it was. This man had always mocked him in front of people, making him feel embarrassed. Jeremy took a breath in and told himself to suck it up.

Hair stylist tools
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Let’s play a game

The hairdresser tried to hide his laugh as Jeremy sat down. He nudged his friend next to him and gestured for him to watch. The entire time, the hairstylist would make faces at Jeremy while he thought he wasn’t looking. Although, Jeremy saw it all. When the job was done, Jeremy got up and went to pay at the reception and the stylist followed him, with the friend close behind.

He asked Jeremy if he wanted to play a game. Jeremy sighed on the inside, but he nodded his head. The man laughed and mumbled to his friend that Jeremy was so stupid and he would make the wrong choice. He held up a $100 bill in one hand and two coins in the other. Then, he asked Jeremy which one he wanted. Jeremy studied the options before him and then reached out and took the coins. The hairstylist burst out laughing along with his friend.

This interaction because routine every time Jeremy needed his hair cut. That hair stylist would come up to him when the job was done and offer him either a note or coins. You might have thought Jeremy would realize the note was of a much higher value than the coins, but he continued to choose them.

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he holds up a $100 bill, and two coins
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One day, another customer witnessed the exchange between Jeremy and the hairdresser. He was confused by Jeremy’s decision to take the coins and infuriated at how the stylist laughed at the little boy. Clearly, he had no good intentions. When he was done, he got up and paid at the reception. The hair stylist was hanging over the counter at that stage, and the man shot him an angry look.

As he left the salon, he realized he was famished, so he walked down the road to the local diner. Sitting at the diner and waiting for the waitress to bring the menu, he noticed Jeremy sitting on the other side of the restaurant with a big ice cream sundae in front of him. He was clearly enjoying it. This confused the man even more; why would the boy take the coins and buy one ice cream when he could buy a lot more with the $100 bill?

Jeremy sat with his ice cream sundae, thoroughly enjoying it. His favorite flavor was the double chocolate strawberry swirl with sprinkles and whipped cream. Although, he didn’t have to order it now because the waitress knew his grandparents, who were regulars at the diner.

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Let the game continue

Curiosity rose within the man very quickly, the kind he couldn’t ignore. So, when he had finished his meal, he went over the Jeremy. Jeremy looked up as he approached. The man introduced himself and then asked him why he chose the coins. Little Jeremy was surprised by the question. He did not get spoken to much these days.

Jeremy scooped up the last of his ice cream sundae and popped the spoon into his mouth. He pulled a face as if he were saving the last morsels like it was the tastiest thing he had ever eaten. The man couldn’t help himself and blurted out that if he had chosen the $100 bill, he could buy more than one ice cream. Jeremy opened one eye and looked at him with a strange expression on his face.

What he said next stunned the man, who was forever convinced Jeremy was the furthest thing from stupid. He told him that if he chose the $100 bill, the hairdresser would stop playing the game with him. So he will continue choosing the coins to enjoy his ice cream sundae after every haircut.

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This fictional story was inspired by stories from around the web. Any similarities between this story and actual people are purely coincidental.