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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
December 31, 2023 ·  4 min read

Heroic Pregnant Mother Throws Herself On Son To Shield Him From Gunfire

Whenever you go to a restaurant with your family, you don’t have a ton of expectations. You’re just going to get something to eat, hang out, and try to enjoy yourselves. Being a parent can have unexpected twists and turns. On top of that, life has an odd way of giving you adversity in the most unexpected ways. When it comes to protecting your children, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do. However, what would you do if you were suddenly put in a hostile situation? For this pregnant mother, she instinctively knew what she had to do to save her son’s life as well as her own.

Pregnant Mother Reacts In Time

This video that was released during the last week of January has many people shocked. A family just finished attending church and was ready to wind down for the evening. The unexpected happened when Rafaela Dantas went to grab a bite to eat with her family. What seemed to be a disagreement at first with two customers rapidly turned into something else. The two individuals in question became very hostile as one pulled out a gun, pointing it toward the customers inside. Giving demands as they tried to rob the restaurant as well as the people already there. The pregnant mother and her family were visibly worried as it unfolds.

With the pandemic already keeping people on edge, this is the last thing people want to go through. Trying to go anywhere already has extra risk, so having a gun pointed in your direction is just taking it to another level. Not to mention being six months pregnant.

The Brave Customer

As two customers tried to leave, the situation became immediately violent. The man dressed in a black hoodie waved a gun around, telling people to stay inside. While the second man wearing a striped shirt was going to rob the establishment and everyone in it. Before either of the thieves had time to react, a customer charges and pushes one of the robbers into a table. Staggering him and then backing away as the other shoots, luckily, he misses, and the man is unharmed.

However, this six-month pregnant mother immediately dropped to the ground covering her son from any other gunshots. Clinging to her child and holding onto dear life as the striped shirt robber quickly steals the phones at her table. Making a quick get away with the hooded robber after the first shot is fired. After a few moments of the incident, Dantas was quickly inspected by her friends and family. Once everyone is assessed and confirmed alive, people hesitantly gathered themselves again. The pregnant mother says that she reacted on impulse in that moment of despair.

It is something we never expect to happen. In the hour of despair there, the first reaction we have is quite impulsive. I thought about protecting my son. First thing, my son. Both, right? What’s in my belly too. But, thank God, everything went well, no one was hurt.” Dantas explains to G1, a Brazilian news outlet.

It Can Happen At Any Moment

In times like this, all you really have is your instinctive reaction. Being a parent leaves you very few options in dire situations such as this. A mother, let alone a pregnant one, will do everything in her power to save her children. Even if that means sacrificing herself to do so, her love for her family is far too great for these robbers to break. Her personal belongings and valuables on the table were merely an afterthought compared to the lives of her friends and family.

“The cell phone was on the table, and my reaction was just to pull my son and protect him. Even because we do not know the reaction of a child. We, as an adult, already understand a little more, are already aware of the situation, which was putting our life at risk. The child, no. He may have the reaction of being surprised and run away.” Dantas further explains her actions and what it was like going through the motions.

Dantas has received praise all over the internet for the bravery she demonstrated. Many noting the power of a mother’s unbreakable love for her children. In this case, they are right. Additionally, nobody was hurt during the robbery, and they were able to recover one of the stolen phones from a nearby bush. The police are still investigating the incident and hope to find the robbers in question. What do you think you would have done in this situation?

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