Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 14, 2024 ·  5 min read

Heartbroken Husband, ‘Didn’t Know How to Go On’ After Wife’s Death That He Took His Own Life Using Her Breast Cancer Medication

In a tragic tale, a heartbroken widower took his own life, overdosing on the medication his wife was given to help ease her pain in her final days. The man was found in his home in Mulbarton, Norfolk by his father on October 10, 2023.

Love Overshadowed by Tragedy

Adam Thompson and his wife Lucy had shared an 11-year relationship, three children, and a Real Estate Firm. Despite all they’d accomplished together, something much darker loomed in the shadows. In February of 2018, Lucy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly, it was just the start of a long road for the heartbroken man and his beloved wife.

Lucy successfully beat the cancer in 2019 and the pair celebrated the feat, by getting married. Sadly, just a year later, she was diagnosed again. This time with cancer in her liver, as it had spread, and she now had multiple tumors. Roughly three more years would pass, Lucy soldiering on, before she would pass at home in June of 2023. Upon learning that she had only days left to live, Lucy opted to do so in the comfort of her own home. Doctors prescribed her opioids to soothe her pain and respectfully sent her home to be comfortable.

Adam Thompson and his wife
Image Credit: Adam Thompson | Facebook

During Lucy’s battle, she and Adam had raised thousands of dollars and participated in numerous events to help aid research and treatment options. In an article for the Daily Mail, her younger sister Hayley explained, “She was no longer well enough to work, so she wanted to focus on being positive, and that is when she really got involved with the Big C.”

She put her focus into helping other people, she was really an incredible person who never showed any fear or sadness.” Hayley lovingly recalled of her sister. “She was positive the whole way through, it was so unfair, but she was my hero.”

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Heartbroken and Desperate

A heartbroken Adam carried the weight of his pain for only a few months, ultimately consuming his wife’s medication and overdosing. It was reported that around the same time of his wife’s passing, the heartbroken husband was also grieving the loss of another family member as well as a pet dog. Adam had formerly been a police officer so likely had passed a mental health evaluation in the past. However, grief is a seemingly impossible emotion for many people to address and often causes unusual or uncharacteristic behaviors.

Adam had cared for his wife throughout his sickness sharing “her pain to the end”, according to his family.  “Adam was loving, kind, and caring, a loving, devoted father, son, brother, and husband. He was very much loved by all, and he always had time for everyone and had many, many friends.” They disclosed in a statement. “Adam was so devastated with losing his wife. He would say he did not know how to go on without Lucy. He just wanted to be with her.”

Adam Thompson and his wife
Image Credit: Adam Thompson | Facebook

Adam’s father, Nigel, said of his son, “Adam was a gifted and talented person, a loving husband, father, brother and friend who created a warm and welcoming atmosphere to anyone who came into his presence.”

He was such a fun-loving and caring person and would be the first to reach out when somebody was in need. Adam was full of life in so many ways.” He continued. “Each loss chipping away at this loving and caring person. All his beloved treasure taken from him; all the plans, the aspirations, lost. Life suddenly lost its purpose and there was no point anymore.”

Help for Feeling Heartbroken

This heartbroken man’s story is sad and sheds light on an important topic that often makes people uncomfortable. As a result, they often do all they can to shy away from addressing it. Grief is something that, for one reason or another, has been or will be felt by everyone. While it’s incredibly heavy to bear the weight, facing grief can also be advantageous. The healing process can be powerful when the grieving or heartbroken person is given the proper tools.

VeryWell Mind explains that when a grieving person is mourning the loss of a loved one, particularly a spouse, there are a range of emotions one might feel. These include shock or numbness, feeling heartbroken or anxious, and may even experience some guilt, known as survivor’s guilt.

Caring for Yourself

Although grief is never easy to handle, there are some actions one can take that will make moving through the tough feelings a little easier. However, the first step will feel altogether too difficult or uncomfortable for some. First, it’s essential to feel your feelings, taking some time off work or from socializing to grieve if need be. It’s important to remember that grief can come in waves. In many cases, the feelings are overwhelming out of nowhere. In contrast to the well-known “stages of grief”.

Second, take care of yourself physically, get some fresh air, eat good foods, and find things to do to stay active. Distractions like fun activities or hobbies may be helpful, but it’s also important to remember that “moving on” doesn’t have to mean forgetting about the person who’s passed away.

Lastly, if the heartbroken feelings cross over into something like thoughts of suicide or self-harm, seek help and consider going to therapy or support groups in your area. Moreover, there are numerous organizations like NAMI, that are available 24 hours a day to offer support or recommendations for how best to tackle the feelings.

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