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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
March 30, 2024 ·  5 min read

Grandson Vows to Take Care of His Grandma to Prevent His Family from Bringing Her to a Home for Senior Citizens

Nowadays, care facilities are available for older generations. However, some still prefer to have their loved ones under their own roof. In fact, many cultures are built on family. So, it’s no surprise that Chris Punsalan preciously volunteered to care for his grandmother when his family was discussing the possibility of putting her into a care home. Although things can become both emotionally and financially taxing, there are some resources for grandchildren in a similar situation.

Falling for an Unlikely Pair

Chris Punsalan has gone viral for sharing videos of him lovingly looking after his adorable grandmother, whom he calls “Lola”. His TikTok now has more than 2 million subscribers. People can’t get enough of the wholesome content; they can find on his channel.

Chris is a 29-year-old musician and content creator. Currently residing in Henderson, Nevada, he’s now also a full-time caregiver. Chris moved to the US with his family from Tarlac in the Philippines. However, and has grandmother still speak “Kapampangan”, the dialect spoken in their province.

Facing Changes

Although once a lively schoolteacher, Chris’ 88-year-old grandmother found herself more frail and less capable than she once was. Due to her age and physical abilities to care for herself, the family faced a difficult decision, would they hire someone or send her somewhere?

Alternatively, Chris couldn’t handle either of those options and much preferred the idea of caring for her himself. He knew that it would be taxing and be a full-time commitment. However, the love he showers her with daily is a sweet reminder that anyone can make a difference when they treat others with compassion, patience, and love.

Rising to Popularity

Chris began uploading photos of his beloved “Lola” the year before the family was faced with such a tough choice. However, in 2019, he began vlogging their interactions. Many people fell in love with her soft-spoken nature and the undeniable bond between the young man and his grandmother. While there are everyday small tasks like plumping pillows or serving meals, other more challenging tasks include bath time and changing nappies.

Chris can often be heard telling his grandmother that he loves her. However, that hasn’t stopped reality from setting in a time or 2. When speaking with a Philippine news channel he disclosed that when that happens, he “feels afraid“. Sadly, she doesn’t always remember him and asks if they’re related to one another. Although she may not always remember him, Chris treats his grandmother with nothing but love and respect. Their story is a heartwarming one, with subtle reminders to cherish every moment with the people, we most love.

Hard Times are Inevitable

Regardless of the incredible job that Chris is doing, caring for a loved one is undeniably hard. Sady, that’s not something people are supposed to admit. Moreover, countless family members every day do this for the people they love, and without the recognition of social media. Actually, almost a quarter of people between the ages of 18 and 49 reported being a caregiver to someone in their family in 2020. Namely a parent or in-law. Meanwhile, around 17% care specifically for grandparents. Tragically, a number of caregivers report they end up with severe health conditions of their own by the end of such a stressful, and at times, physically trying process.

With so many people quietly struggling, it’s fortunate that someone somewhere understands the struggle. As such, several resources are available for those who’ve taken on the challenging yet admirable, emotional yet rewarding, task of caring for an older relative.

Government Support

Some of the most common government assistance programs include Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, VA benefits. However, not everyone will qualify for these. Some other options include other types of government programs, non-profits that provide assistance for certain conditions like Alzheimer’s, or AAA‘s. One helpful option that’s available to most people is a respite care facility, that will take your loved one for an agreed upon number of days, to give the caregivers and family members a small break to handle other personal matters.

Note that in many cases, government assistance is appointed to those who are lower income or impoverished. However, for those who need all the help they can get, but don’t qualify for government assistance, there are community resources.

Community Resources

One example of a community resource is Next-door. The app can be incredibly helpful because often times neighbors are able and willing to help out a fellow neighbor. Some other local programs include meals on wheels and driving services to take grandparents or parents to doctors’ appointments or the pharmacy. Although most libraries are equipped with information regarding furthering education, they’re still in tune with most things happening and the community. Therefore, may also be able to suggest other local resources, support groups, or things that are unique to your community as far as getting support or assistance.

Turn to Church

If you’re religious or spiritual, and thereby part of an organized place of worship, another option may be to reach out to the whomever leads the organization. Or fellow attendees. Many times, churches will have access to additional resources, be able to start a donation fund, or have someone else in the congregation that may be willing to take a few shifts here and there to help. Furthermore, some members of the congregation may also volunteer to make some meals or run some errands to help ease the burden.

Help with Mental Health

Most people become frustrated when the “free” resource catalogs stress the importance of avoiding burnout because they may need more than just mental health help. However, burnout is an incredibly common outcome of being a caregiver but could easily be avoided. Simply take a few minutes each day to do something that brings you peace. You can refer here to find more information regarding specified support groups and tips for maintaining mental fortitude.


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