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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
June 11, 2024 ·  3 min read

Grandma Goes Against Parents’ Wishes And Posts Pic Of Newborn Online

The love that we feel for our family is strong. So much so that sometimes we want to share the memories we make with them on social media. When this grandma posted a picture of her daughter’s newborn on social media, she felt it to be harmless. Instead, she is in big trouble with her daughter. It turns out she went against her wishes when posting the photo. Who is in the wrong here?

Grandma Shares Picture Of Newborn

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Most of us keep in touch with others through social media, however, there are still people out there than don’t (yes they exist). A post from Reddit has gone viral, and in it, the original Reddit poster (OP) speaks about an incident with her sister’s newborn. It turns out that grandma posted a photo on social media despite being told not to. The OP’s sister and brother-in-law were described as ‘hippie types,’ so along with other lifestyle choices, they also obtain from using social media (see I told you they exist).

An Angry Mom

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Once the OP sees that grandma posted the photo of her niece on Facebook, she messaged her sister without hesitation. Stating that grandma needed to take the photo down immediately. OP was at work while grandma completely ignores her messages for several hours until responding.

The ignorance only made OP more furious with her so she started taking screenshots of the photo and messages. Since her sister did not have social media, she took screenshots and sent them along. After receiving the shots that OP sent, her sister was obviously very upset.

Newborn Picture Gets Grandma In Trouble

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Unfortunately for the Reddit user, she has to be live with her parents because of COVID and student loan debt. There isn’t really a way for her to avoid them as she’s met with the good old fashioned line “my house my rules”. Many of us have experienced this loving reminder when we fight with our parents while living under their roof.

Since the photo was posted to social media, much of the extended family and friends got to see it, but it was taken down as per OPs request. That’s when her inbox started to blow up! It turns out some didn’t get to see it before it was taken down. This is where the first part of the Reddit post ends and OP takes a break to go make some dinner.

Butchering Chicken The Wrong Way

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Once she comes back and updates the post, she has much more to add to the story. Apparently, while she was in the kitchen butchering a chicken, grandma chimed in. Saying that her daughter wasn’t breaking down the chicken the same way that she taught her. Incredibly enough, OP’s dad protested loudly from the living room. Coming to OP’s defense saying, “Really? You’re going to start complaining about her chicken too?” Claiming that OP was just being a good sister and sticking up for the right reasons.

Family Fights

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Sometimes little family fights can happen like this. Especially over something small like posting a photo of a newborn. However, it’s the fact the daughter’s consent and trust were betrayed. You have to be able to respect your family’s wishes when they ask you not to do something. It’s very disrespectful towards the other members if you’re not willing to try to understand them. Luckily, they were able to overcome the situation. After the whole ordeal, Grandma went upstairs to be alone for a little while. This gave everybody a good chance to recuperate.

Poor Grandma?

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Not long after, she comes back downstairs and decides to have dinner with the family. Grandma was just extremely excited for her newborn grandchild and wanted to share the photos she took with everyone else. Although this may seem harmless, the honorable thing would have been respecting her daughter’s wishes. They all ate dinner together, and the little family fiasco seemed to of passed. Grandma was even willing to make OP and her sister sundaes after dinner was over.

This may have just been a little family squabble, but I’m sure it’s relatable. What do you think? Was the grandmother wrong for going against her daughter’s wishes? Even though the rest of the family was excited to see her newborn baby? Or was the OP in the wrong for calling Grandma out?

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