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Jade Small
October 12, 2023 ·  4 min read

Granddaughter Shares Poignant Moment That Ends Her Grandparents’ 60-Year Love Story

When a granddaughter played witness to the final moments her grandmother spent with her grandfather, she realized the true meaning of love. She took an emotionally triggering picture of the last moments breathing each other in. She hoped it will reminds people why we love, and to make sure they choose the right person to create our own love story with.

Their love story is an inspiration

Emily Hime, granddaughter of two very romantic people. She posted a picture in February to her Facebook page that showed her grandparents breathing in their last moments together. Their love story coming to an end. Her grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer, and her health deteriorated quickly. Regardless of the emotional stress, her grandfather was there for her throughout the entire ordeal, and he took up the responsibilities only she had done in the past. The unconditional love they shared revealed the true meaning of love her Emily.

During the last few months of my Grandma’s life I was blessed to witness something beautiful,” wrote Emily in the caption of her Facebook post. “And that was the unconditional love between my grandparents. We used to tease my Grandpa and say that grandma did EVERYTHING and he couldn’t survive without her. But roles were reversed this past year. Through this, I have realized that the most romantic love story isn’t Romeo and Juliet. But it’s grandma and grandpa who grew old together. It’s grandpa sticking by grandma’s side during the most difficult period of her life.

Her grandfather has not been much of a house chores kind of man, but when his wife became ill, he took on all the responsibility to help her. Thus adding many elements to their love story. “It’s him learning to prepare meals, do laundry, and cooking for her as she went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy.

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Admired by the hospital staff

Emily’s grandfather accompanied his wife to every doctor’s appointment, holding her hand the entire time. The hospital where Emily’s grandmother was admitted was in awe over the unconditional love shared between them. They loved to watch the two of them together. “It’s grandpa holding her hand. Attending every doctor appointment. Not leaving the house unless someone took his place as he didn’t want her sitting alone- even for a few minutes,” wrote Emily of their love story. “It’s the staff at the hospital awing over his devotion and saying how everyone loved watching them together, including people sitting in the waiting rooms.

Her grandfather couldn’t bare the thought of his wife in pain. Emily described how he would get emotional whenever this was a possibility. “It’s him rubbing her face, kissing her forehead, and holding her hand every moment he could. Soaking it all in,” she wrote. “It’s his eyes welling up with tears each moment he felt that she might be uncomfortable because he couldn’t stand the thought of her being in pain.

“Goodnight my honey”

Her grandparent’s love story is like the stuff you read in romance novels and movies. Her grandfather only saw beauty in her grandmother, even after major health complications. “After multiple strokes and as her body grew frail and weak. He continued to tell her how beautiful she was EVERY single day,” wrote Emily. “They had that kind of forever love, the love we all aspire for. They would have been married 60 years next month, and yet, 60 years still wouldn’t have been enough.”

Their love story ended in one final embrace, and tears filled the eyes of all who knew them as a couple. The last words her grandfather said to his wife were: “Oh you’re so precious, goodnight my honey.”

Choose your love story wisely

Emily posted about her grandparent’s love story hoping it would inspire others to choose their partners wisely. She wrote: “Watching the way he loved her is such an incredible reminder to choose wisely. Choose someone who will still be your absolute best friend 60 years down the road. Who will still be holding your hand during the best of times, but most importantly during the worst of times. Someone who isn’t embarrassed or shy to express their love. Who proudly says, “she’s the most beautiful thing and I love her so much,” in a room full of people. That’s love.”

She concluded her post by saying: “And what a blessing it’s been to watch this beautiful love story and to be able to capture one of their last precious moments together. You are already so greatly loved & missed Grandma.”

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