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Little Girl Begs Mom To Shop Online So She Can Sign With Her Favorite Delivery Driver: ‘The World Needs Love Like This’

The world today needs love- and loads of it, something that we can learn from this little girl. The girl’s relationship with her favorite delivery driver is surely going to put a lot of smiles on people’s faces. And let’s be honest, we could do with some joy in our lives, with everything that has been happening around us. Ever since it was posted in 2020, footage on Twitter from user @mummybear1903 has received close to 24 million views, 57,000 likes, and 8,500 retweets.

A Special Friendship With A Delivery Driver

Anyone living in an area where delivery persons frequent would know that the drivers are generally affectionate towards dogs and children. There are definitely many adorable moments that would make us go ‘Awwww’ involving delivery drivers. But the sweet moment between the little girl Tallulah and this delivery man is sure to bring out a few tears. 

In her thread on Twitter, the user spoke about how her little girl and delivery man had developed quite a special bond during the lockdown. Her caption read “We see him one or two times a week…Tallulah drew him a #thankyou… He still has it proudly on show in his van. They have built up quite a friendship over these last few weeks.” 

In the ensuing comments, she stated, “They always have their little sign language conversations, so cute. Tallulah’s always asking me, ‘Have you bought anything Mum? Is MY friend coming today?” Here is the Twitter thread:

One of the retweeters wrote something that was on everyone’s minds-

Doesn’t take much to be kind and friendly this is beautiful but some find it so hard to do, Thank you Tallualh this has put a smile on my face you must be one proud mother Amy.

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This action of Tallulah could be something that the world needs now- lots of smiles, happiness, and hugs all around.

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If a Little Girl Can Be Kind, Can’t We?

Another user wrote:

“Absolutely love this. Young people are so amazing and uncluttered with other peoples’ opinions and take people at face value. A lesson for us all.”


With someone else not forgetting to mention that this is exactly “how the world should be: everyone getting along.

Interestingly, the little girl’s actions with the delivery man have led to him being identified by another user too. They commented:

“He comes to us too, and [our son] Alfie also uses sign language with him. His face lights up when we make the effort to sign to him. Such a lovely man.”


While the video posted by Amy is just a few seconds long, it does remind us to be kind to everyone we come across- just like the little girl. 

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Tim smiling at Tallulah's sign language greeting
Image Credits: @mummybear | Twitter

As Tallulah reminds us in one of her most retweeted comments in the video about her little girl- “In a world where you can be anything, #BeKind.” And it is completely justified- for money can be earned, but happiness comes from within. If a little girl can do just a tiny little thing to make someone happy, can’t we?

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