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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
January 25, 2024 ·  3 min read

People Are Wondering What This Bizarre ‘Nose Cover’ Trend Gen Zers Are Doing in Photos

Teenagers often dislike posing for family photos, but parents usually insist on capturing those moments. Enter the “nose cover.” Members of the Zoomer generation, like Venezuela Fury and her cousin Valentino, have been using this technique to shield the middle of their faces while still somewhat appeasing their parents.

Parent Michelle Harris shared her experience, noting that after numerous attempts to take the perfect family photo, she questioned her teen about his reluctance. “After several attempts to snatch the perfect Christmas family photo, I turned to my teen and finally asked him, ‘Why?’ Is everything OK?” She continued. “Why won’t you show up in family photos for the handsome boy that you are anymore?’ And then the big whopper. ‘Are you being bullied?’”

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The teen’s response on his nose cover in the photos was rather eye-opening

Teen discussing the nose cover trend
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To her surprise, he responded, “No, but I will be if you post pictures of me online without my consent!” It turns out that teens, being highly active online, often seek out embarrassing photos of their peers for playful teasing. Covering their faces helps them avoid potential embarrassment.

As parents, we want to capture it all,” Harris said. “Their first step, every tooth, the braces, the spots. And then we proudly post in our online social circles mindlessly without stopping to think how damaging this can be to our youngsters within their own online social groups.”

While it’s a normal part of growing up, the nose cover trend is concerning

teenagers are feeling insecure in their photos
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While parents may want to capture every milestone and proudly share them online, experts like parenting expert Amanda Jenner attribute this emerging trend to teenagers navigating their awkward phases. Such as dealing with acne and not fully embracing their appearance. Jenner emphasizes that this phase is a normal part of growing up. Where establishing personal boundaries and seeking independence are crucial developmental milestones.

The online landscape, however, can be challenging for teens. Particularly when unfiltered or unedited photos end up on a parent’s social media feed. The “nose cover” becomes a compromise, allowing teens to be in the photo and make their parents happy while still maintaining a level of autonomy. “It’s very sad that we can’t share and be proud of family photos. But unfortunately this is the way it is today.” Jenner said.

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Photos were placed in albums and previously forgotten

Photos were placed in albums and previously forgotten, now they're plastered all over social media
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Reflecting on the past, Harris recalls that photos were once tossed in albums and only viewed on special occasions. In today’s digital world, innocently changing a display picture could lead to photos being circulated in children’s digital spaces.

Harris suggests that perhaps parents should seek their teenagers’ consent and negotiate what can and cannot be posted online. Recognizing that sharing photos without permission may be uncomfortable for teenagers, just as it would be for adults.

Perhaps we should be asking our teenagers for their consent. Additionally, making negotiations about what we can and can’t post.” Harris continued.” After all, I wouldn’t feel comfortable about a spotty photo of me being shared online either — would you?”

In summary, the nose cover trend isn’t going anywhere soon

In essence, the “nose cover” phenomenon is a response to the challenges of the digital age. Where the desire to document and share family moments clashes with teenagers’ need for privacy and control over their online images. As parenting practices evolve, finding a balance between capturing cherished memories and respecting teenagers’ boundaries becomes essential in fostering healthy relationships within the family.

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