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Man Forgets Wife After Toilet Break On Road Trip And She’s Forced To Walk 20km To Find Him

Couples do go on road trips to rejuvenate their relationship. But what happens when a man forgets his wife while they are on the trip itself? Well- it would mean the couch for him to sleep on for several nights. Recently, a man in Thailand landed in some hot soup after he forgot his wife while on a Christmas Day road trip. This mistake resulted in his wife walking close to 12 miles to find him. According to Matichon, a Thai news site, the 55-year-old man, Boontom Chaimoon, and his wife, Amnuay Chaimoon, 49, had been traveling overnight to spend time at Maha Sarakham- the wife’s hometown. Everything was fine and dandy until 3 am when Boontom decided to pull over to relieve himself.

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When her husband went to relieve herself, Amnuay asked why he hadn’t decided to do so at a gas station they had recently passed. To save time decided to hop out to relieve herself as well.

But when she returned to the road after doing her business in the jungle, she was stunned to find that both her husband and their vehicle were gone. With no money or phone- she had no other option but to start walking- in the hopes that she would be able to catch him. As it turns out, the poor woman had to walk 12 and a half miles before she reached Kabin Buri and asked the local law enforcement division to help her find her husband. 

The road trip that the couple was on.
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Husband Accidentally Leaves Wife On Road Trip in Thailand

While the local police did try their best to connect her to her husband- it wasn’t easy. First, she had no idea what her husband’s phone number was, and second, when the police tried her phone, the husband was too absent-minded to bother picking it up. Finally, he checked the phone and discovered that his wife was not in the car. Sheepishly, he drove back 160 km to get his wife from Kabin Buri. 

One would definitely be inquiring as to why it took the husband so long to discover that his wife wasn’t there. After all, he was riding a car with her- not a huge ship that there were places where she could be out of his sight. When the husband found his wife again, he confessed that he thought his wife had been asleep in the backseat. After apologizing profusely, the husband charmed his wife into traveling with him to end their road trip. Later, Amnuay informed the police that they had been married for 27 years, and also had a son who was 26 years old.

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