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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 5, 2024 ·  3 min read

Mom shares genius way she dries clothes without a tumble dryer or annoying racks

When we grow up and move into our own homes, that is when one truly works out how to adult. Many of us carry through the norms of our upbringing into our adult life, but others find different routines work better for them. This is especially the case for laundry as we all have our different methods. One mother found the ultimate life hack when it comes to drying clothes. She posted about it in the hopes it will help other busy parents who struggle to get their clothes dry in time for the occasion they were meant for.

A new method for drying clothes

Laundry is a picky topic for many people. Growing up, we are raised in a certain way that creates our “norms“. For the busy parents who have households to run, children to care for, partners to give attention to, careers to expand, and so on, laundry can be a dreaded task.

Some people prefer to use a tumble dryer for drying clothes. but, not everyone can afford one, or maybe their apartment is too small. Or, maybe they do not wish to feel like they are swimming in clothes by using those indoor drying racks. Thankfully, one mother has found a solution to both of these problems. She discovered a laundry hack that will help get your clothes dry in no time at all.

She has found a way to get her clothes to dry in an indoor setting, without the use of a clothes horse, or a tumble dryer. It is particularly handy now that winter is on its way to the northern hemisphere. She took non-permanent green house that could be moved around once constructed. Inside she placed her clothes horse, et voila! There she has a portable indoor laundry room for drying clothes. “Thought I would share my clothes drying hack,” she wrote on Facebook. “Not for everyone but works for us. A £46 plastic greenhouse.

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Reasons behind the method

This inventive mother went on to explain the reasoning that led her to her great idea. One of her children is asthmatic, so having wet clothes drying in their lounge was not an option. Secondly, they do not have the space in their home to ft a tumble dryer for drying clothes. “We don’t have room for large airers indoors,” she said. “And also not ideal to have wet washing around due to having asthmatic children.”

Finally, she explained that the heaters they have are not ideal for drying clothes. Although, she reassured everyone that the greenhouse will revert back to its proper use when spring comes back. “We only have storage heaters so can’t dry clothes on them either, come the spring I will use the greenhouse for its proper purpose and grow plants with my children.”

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Approval from the internet

The post gained up to 4,000 likes from many people who thought her clothes drying idea was genius. One person commented saying they make use of a similar hack. They wrote: “I dry mine in a gazebo every year.” Another person said: “If it works for you this is a fab idea!”

Then, another person wrote: “This is a fantastic idea! I don’t have a garden, but I do have an enclosed balcony that I dry washing on, usually with the aid of a dehumidifier. If I get a smaller greenhouse I can pop it over the airer and dehumidifier and it should dry quicker too, saving more on the cost of the dehumidifier. I’m super happy you posted as its not something I’d have thought of.”

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