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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
November 17, 2023 ·  2 min read

Famous Indian TV Actor Dies of Heart Attack While 8 Months Pregnant

There really is no way to tell when or where tragedy will strike. Dr. Priya, a beloved TV star in India, passed away in a freak health complication on October 31st. The professional doctor-turned-actor was eight months pregnant. She was 35 years old and had gone in for a routine check-up for her pregnancy when the incident happened. The official cause of death has been confirmed to be a heart attack.

As a silver lining on a very grim cloud, since she was already at the hospital, the medical staff managed to rescue the baby. The new life is presently in an ICU, in the care of a private hospital. Kishor Satya, one of her costars, broke the news and delivered the updates. Satya was Dr. Priya’s co-star ins Karuthamutu, a drama. He had originally revealed the news via Instagram through a tribute to his admirable co-star.

Dr. Priya, in a recent picture from her Instagram.
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Satya, said, via his post (which has been translated), that the previous night while he was on the way to the hospital, his mind was drenched with scenes of sadness. He also added a rather curious trend that has been taking place in the Indian TV sector. Dr. Priya is only the latest one in a string of tragic deaths of Indian TV personalities in that age range.

Dr. Priya’s Tragedy Leaves Fans And Family Devastated

Regardless, Satya confirmed that there were no other issues with Dr. Priya’s health, apart from the sudden cardiac arrest. As for the state of her family, Satya described: “[Dr. Priya’s] mother who is crying unable to accept the death of her only daughter. The pain of husband Nanna as a loving partner with Priya without going anywhere for 6 months…” Satya repeatedly exclaimed as to his loss of words that could comfort them. He exclaimed: “Why did God show this cruelty to those innocent minds who are believers…” Here is the original post:

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Fans flooded the comments section of the post with condolences. One fan wrote: “Prayers for her parents and husband… the little one during this period. Our Lord strengthen them and make them overcome great loss.” Others called the news “heartbreaking” and were “sending prayers”. Dr. Priya who was originally a doctor had gained quite a bit of popularity during her acting career. She had also paused all kinds of acting work during her pregnancy. According to news reports, she was in the middle of acquiring her MD and was practicing in PRS Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram.

Dr. Priya’s death followed 35-year-old actress Renjusha Menon’s tragic passing via suicide on October 30th. She committed the act inside a flat where she lived along with Manoj, her actor husband. Menon’s most popular roles were in films and shows such as Karyasthan, Bombay March, Marykkundoru Kunjaadu, and City of God. Earlier in September, 33-year-old actress Aparna Nair also took her life. 

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