Jade Small
Jade Small
August 16, 2021 ·  3 min read

Do People Still Sort Laundry?

Alright, I will admit. I do not sort my laundry. Ever. But do other people sort laundry or is it just me being extra lazy? Is it even really that important to sort laundry? Now, I do not wash white items with new colorful clothing in fear they will run, but, once I have washed them once, I don’t think twice about washing my reds and blues with my whites.


As a child, it was likely you remember your mom separating darks from lights and even fabric from fabric. She would not dare wash cotton with synthetic, and most certainly not dark colors with light ones! That would be laundry sacrilege! In fact, she probably even had rules about how to hang and fold laundry too! Well, read on to see just how many people do sort laundry, and how many do not!

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Do you sort laundry?

Taking to Twitter recently, user @ZachSilberberg started a bit of a back and forth. He claims that nobody under the age of 40 actually separates laundry anymore. Here’s what he asked on the social media platform:

yall wanna talk about generational divides? I dont know anyone under 40 who separates laundry into lights and darks.”


This is when another Twitter user called @McKenzieDewese decided to use the opportunity to make a poll, and see just how many others separated laundry, and how many could not be bothered. Here is the poll:

twitter sort laundry poll

The results speak for themselves,. And, as it turns out, I am not alone in my non-laundry sorting! Since August 2nd, 466,233 Twitter users have voted. 38.2% Said yes, they most certainly do sort laundry, while 48.1% said nope, not for them!

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Here is what some others had to say about the laundry saga

User @MelanieVanessaE stated: I’m shocked and disturbed by all these maniacs voting no! while user @loseely made a point with her comment: Your clothes will stay brighter & maintain their color for longer if you do. Lights will get dingy faster if you don’t. It’s also important to separate by wash cycle (Hot vs Cold) for maintaining fabric texture- synthetics, natural fibers, sheets, towels, rags, etc.

@RogerFCKNRabbit Made a bit of a joke, and well, a point too… “Those voting no still live with their moms and don’t do their own laundry”

User @_RowdyPup_ said there was no chance that he would sort laundry! “Naw, been on my own for 13 years now. Clothes all get washed together. Sans “dress” clothes that may be fragile and towels, which get nuked on the hottest hot cycle. Everyday wear is fine to be washed together regardless of color.

And just for good measure, one more comment, this one from @_Bryna_C. She said: “Those voting yes haven’t learned the value of experimentation, because trust me, nothing bad happens when you wash lights and darks together. Good thing too, because otherwise how would we deal with patterns?”

So, what are your thoughts on keeping colors, darks, and whites separate? Or, are you like me and just could not care less? After all, nothing bad has happened just yet! (touch wood). Let us know in the comments your stance, and why!

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