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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
March 15, 2024 ·  5 min read

Girl’s Stomach-Turning Find Inside Chocolate Egg Sends Dad into Panic

In the world of parenting, there are few things as heartwarming as witnessing the sheer joy and delight that washes over a child’s face when they receive a sweet treat. Whether it’s a colorful lollipop, a gummy bear, or the timeless classic, a chocolate egg, these moments create lasting memories of innocent happiness. 

However, what if that moment of bliss turned into one of terror and revulsion? Such is the harrowing experience that Clive Henare, a father from North Brisbane, recently shared—a story that has sent shivers down the spines of parents everywhere. His daughter’s innocent enjoyment of a chocolate egg took a terrifying turn when she discovered something unexpected inside.1

A Terrifying Twist

Picture this: a young child eagerly unwraps a colorful, enticing chocolate egg. The anticipation of the sweet, velvety cocoa taste, the joy of discovering what surprise lies within—it’s a cherished childhood moment. That’s precisely what Henare’s daughter experienced when she received this chocolate delight. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she began to peel away the wrapping. Little did she know that this seemingly innocent and joyful experience would soon turn into a nightmare.

Her excitement was palpable as the young girl indulged in the sweet treat. The chocolate, delicious and comforting, was quickly disappearing. But just as she was about to savor the final bites, her joy turned to sheer horror. Suddenly, she started screaming, and tears began streaming down her face.

Image Credit: Clive Henare | Facebook

Chocolate Egg Dismay 

Clive Henare, like any parent, was deeply concerned by his daughter’s sudden and extreme reaction. He immediately rushed to her side, desperate to understand what had happened. But amidst her sobs and distress, the young girl managed to convey what had caused her such fright. She described seeing “white bits” within the chocolate—something utterly unexpected and unsettling. And in that instant, she realized with chilling clarity what those white bits were: insects. Wormlike creatures were concealed within the very chocolate she had been so eagerly devouring.

The little girl’s reaction was immediate and intense. As she processed the shocking discovery, a wave of fear and disbelief washed over her. “I was really scared, so I looked around the chocolate and found them moving so I threw it across the room,” she recounted, her voice trembling.

The magnitude of the situation became apparent as she exclaimed, “I can never buy chocolate eggs again.” It was a heart-wrenching statement that no parent should ever have to hear from their child.

A Father’s Disturbing Discovery

Initially, Clive Henare dismissed his daughter’s account, attributing it to an overactive imagination. It seemed inconceivable that there could be anything amiss with the chocolate egg. After all, such incidents were exceedingly rare, and the chances of encountering anything other than delicious chocolate within the foil-wrapped treasure seemed slim.

However, as the concerned father observed his daughter and the unease that continued gripping her, he took a closer look at the chocolate egg. It was a decision that would reveal something truly unsettling and deeply disturbing. “I looked and didn’t see anything…but then they started coming out of the chocolate,” he said with a shudder.

Image Credit: Clive Henare |

The sight that greeted Clive Henare defied belief. He examined the chocolate more closely and witnessed tiny, wormlike creatures emerging from the sweet confection. It was a nightmarish tableau that no parent should ever have to face. These wriggling, invasive insects had somehow found their way inside the hollow chocolate egg, hidden from view until it was too late.

The discovery sent shockwaves of fear and disgust through Henare. But his primary concern, as any loving parent would be, was the safety and well-being of his child. His immediate reaction was driven by the urgency of protecting his daughter. “Then she really screamed so I just grabbed it and threw it out the window because she was really freaked out,” he recalled.

An Alarming Possibility

While the situation was already horrifying, what made matters worse was the possibility that his daughter might have unknowingly consumed one of these creatures while enjoying the chocolate egg. The thought of such a distressing experience left Henare deeply concerned for his child’s safety and well-being.

Clive Henare immediately took action to address this alarming incident. He returned to the store where he had purchased the chocolate egg and shared the traumatic experience with the store’s manager. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the manager issued a sincere apology and offered a refund to Henare.

However, it wasn’t the refund that concerned Henare the most. His primary hope was to prevent any other child from experiencing the same distress his daughter had undergone. As a parent, he understood the importance of raising awareness about this shocking discovery to ensure that such an incident wouldn’t befall another innocent child. His genuine concern lay with the well-being of all children who might come into contact with similar products.

In response to this alarming incident, the store swiftly removed the chocolate eggs from its shelves. This immediate response underscores the seriousness of the situation and the commitment to ensuring the safety of consumers, especially children, who may have purchased these chocolate eggs.2

Even Chocolate Eggs Can be Rotten 

The unsettling discovery of wormlike creatures in a children’s chocolate egg serves as a chilling reminder that, as parents, we must always prioritize the safety of our children. Clive Henare’s experience has sparked a call to action, urging parents to be cautious when providing sweet treats to their little ones. Let this incident serve as a stark reminder of the importance of thoroughly inspecting children’s food items to ensure their well-being and peace of mind.

As parents and guardians, our children’s safety and happiness are paramount. Let this be a collective reminder to remain vigilant and protect our little ones from unexpected surprises that can turn moments of joy into unforgettable nightmares.

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