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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 25, 2022 ·  5 min read

Couple Has 3 Sets Of Twins In 5 Years After Being Told They Can’t Have Kids, They All Share The Same Birthday

Some couples are quite blessed. Even when medical science tells them that they won’t have kids, they still do. Case in point- the Kosinski household. For them, the 28th of February will always be a special day. This is the birthday of all six of Carrie and Craig’s children. And since this story came into the limelight in 2017, we need to go back a little bit to understand it fully.

Circa 2013, a woman had been in contact with the family and was curious about their plans for adoption. Carrie Kosinski stated that “She said she was pregnant and wasn’t able to give the babies the lives they deserved and wanted to put them up for adoption.

The Couple Believed In The Power Of Adoption

Interestingly, talks of adoption were quite new for the couple. They had initially planned on having biological kids. If that failed, they would move on to adoption.

We just felt like that was what God wanted us to do, so we decided to put our own plans down and pursue the plan that God had for us and that was to adopt first.

The first of their adopted children, JJ and CeCe, were born on the 28th of February, 2013- by emergency C-section. After that, Kenna and Adalynn- were born on the 28th of February, 2014- again by C-Section. These were two sets of biological twins from the same mother.

In 2016, Carrie gave birth to another set of twins through IVF. And interestingly, they were born on the 28th of February as well. Their original due date was June 16, 2016, but Carrie’s water broke at 19 weeks. After six weeks of hospital bed rest, she gave birth to twins Clarissa and Karraline by, this is no surprise, emergency C-section.

Carrie, on her part, knows that having 6 kids can lead to quite a ruckus. “There is never a dull moment in my house. All three sets of twins were born by emergency C-section. I get that question a lot. ‘Did you plan it? It was a C-section. It must have been planned.’ No. Mine was at 24 weeks. I did not plan on them being born at 24 weeks.

Craig and Carrie Kosinski with their six children
Image Credits: Carrie Kosinski

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There you have it, folks- none of it was intentional. And despite that, all six of her kids have their birthdays on the 28th of February. Extremely improbable, quite possible statistically impossible- and yet here we are.

Although the couple did have a moment where they wanted to give birth to kids, adoption was always on the plate. Carrie, who is adopted herself, mentioned, “We did it backward. We were going to have our own kids first then adopt but apparently God had other plans for us.

Back when they first adopted, the finalization took some time. “We’d started the process of adoption the 3-year-old twins when the birth mom contacted us about taking the 4-year-old twins. So we put the adoption of the 3-year-olds on hold just in case we were going to be adopting the 4-year-olds as well. It’s cheaper to do it all together than separate adoptions.”

A Big, Happy Family- Through Thick and Thin

When the Kosinski’s were undergoing the adoption process of Kenna and Adalynn, they went through multiple complications of their own. Since they had no clue why Carrie was not getting pregnant, they decided to see a doctor. The doctor informed the couple that Carrie wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally. This was because she had a case of severe endometriosis. Speaking to The Journal Times, Carrie stated, “It was a difficult decision. We were trying to get pregnant ourselves. But they were siblings so that was definitely a part of our consideration- we wanted to keep the siblings together.

The kosinski twins.

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In the September of 2015, the couple got the best news of their life[2]. They were expecting- despite what the doctor informed Carrie.

Kosinski spoke about this incident with a wistful look in his eye- “We were in shock, but super happy.” The due date for the third set of twins was the 12th of June, 2016, but it was not to be. Carrie’s water broke at 19 weeks itself. And after six weeks of bed rest, she gave birth to Karraline and Clarrisa. You may have guessed it by now- it took place on the 28th of February, 2016- through C-Section. What is quite unique about these kids is their personalities. “They are all very different. Each has their very own personality, which is very fun, but we get pulled in six different directions.

Adding the second set of twins to the family was quite easy for the couple. Carrie stated, “I have to be very organized and keep to a schedule, or things get out of hand.” Since they were already disciplined from their first set of twins, the new arrivals fell into the same pattern.

The entire family.
Image Credits: Kosinski Family

Carrie, over the years, has never stopped crediting God for everything that took place over the last decade.

We believe that because God adopted us into His family that we were meant to adopt these children into our family. It’s such a huge blessing to us. We love all our children the same. We wouldn’t want our lives to be any different.

But Things Weren’t Always Easy For The Couple

But the adoption for the couple hasn’t exactly been cheap. They had their GoFundMe page- but even then, things were tough.

Carrie spoke about this in detail- “We are actually about $2,500 from our goal for the adoption. Our goal is $15,000. Altogether it’s $18,000, but we wanted to pay some of the costs ourselves. It would mean so much because there’s so many unknowns. What if they eventually find the birth fathers? They don’t know who they are. There all these what ifs. We could not fathom losing them. They are our children. We believe we are meant to have them… To just make them ours would be a huge blessing to us.

Through suffering and pain, the Kosinski couple has truly brought out the meaning of family. We can ascertain that every child gets the love that they require- and that the parents never discriminate between them. 

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