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Husband Asks Wife To Cook Dinner 30 Minutes After She Finds Out Her Mother Passed Away

It is never easy to lose a loved one, especially a mother. One thing we all need when losing someone we care about is someone for support. Naturally, we turn to our partners, if we have one. We expect caring, compassion and love as we mourn the passing of someone special to us. According to a user on a thread on Reddit, her partner did the exact opposite when she lost her mother. While we cannot verify that this story is true, we certainly hope that nobody is ever treated this poorly, especially after losing someone they care about.

What’s For Dinner?

Back in 2021, a Reddit user who calls herself u/AITA-34054, posted a thread to ask others what they thought of her situation. She explained how a few days prior, she had lost her mother to cancer. When her husband returned home from work, instead of being there for her, he simply asked her what she was making for dinner.

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I lost my mom days ago to cancer. I had a good relationship with her and my sisters, Also I took part of her care and my husband helped a lot in the past few months. He loved mom or so I thought. He helped me take care of her home, he’d visit daily when I stayed with her and he cleaned her yard, walked her dogs, handled her financial issues (he’s an accountant) brought her stuff she needed before she went to the hospital. Be never complained about the efforts he made or time he took to help her out.

I received the news of her passing from my sister at 6pm. My husband got home within 30 minutes. He was resting on the couch in the Livingroom when I came downstairs and my face was very telling but he didn’t notice somehow. He casually talked about how long and hard his day was and didn’t notice that I didn’t say a word.

I spoke up and told him my mother just passed. He asked when and I told him about an hour ago. He leaned back and stared at me for a long minute Then said “so, what’s for dinner?”.

u/AITA-34054 | Reddit

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The Reddit poster continued to say how shocked she was at his response and lack of caring. Instead of holding his wife and helping her process what had happened, he was asking her to make him food. She could not believe her ears.

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I froze in my place I looked at him and he said “what?” You don’t need me to take you to the hospital? We gotta eat first.” I blew up at him and called him unbelievable for his response to the news of my mom’s death. He argued back talking about how he was working nonstop all day without having time to eat anything. Then basically talked about all the things he’s done for mom and how he owes nobody nothing.

u/AITA-34054 | Reddit

Clearly, the husband had no care in the world other than for his own stomach. It is quite shocking that anyone would be so heartless and uncaring in a situation like this.

He said he was sorry for needing to eat after coming home hungry after working for hours and said that my reaction and lashing out was MISPLACED and unfair. I stormed off upstairs and got ready to go meet my sister. He wanted me to wait till he eat something but I refused to speak and left.

u/AITA-34054 | Reddit

Sister who?

The poster on Reddit continues her story with even more baffling words. According to her, her own sister thought she was being too hard on her husband for not wanting to be with him.

I stayed with my sister after the funeral. He came to try to talk to me but I felt I wasn’t ready. My sister was confused saying no matter what his response was to the news, my husband doesn’t deserve this treatment from me after he helped out and I should just try to work it out with him but I told her to stay out of it.

u/AITA-34054 | Reddit

In a situation like this, where you expect your partner to love and care for you, you would not think your own sister would take his side. She too, lost her mother, and she should be just as appalled at her brother-in-law’s behavior.

What do you think? Do you think the poster was too harsh? We certainly do not!

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