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December 10, 2023 ·  5 min read

Bride slammed for asking sister’s disabled husband to stay out of wedding photos

A wedding day is supposed such a special day for both the bride and groom. However, some people go from ‘bride’ to ‘bridezilla’ pretty quickly. One woman was shocked when she received a wedding invitation that only invited her, and not her husband. According to the woman, her sister didn’t want her husband in the wedding photos because he is disabled.

The story was spotted on the Reddit forum, “Am I the A**hole?” where users ask the general public their opinion. After sharing their story, user u/FungalBroth (lets them FB for short) received a ton of positive feedback. Apparently, the bride in question made some pretty horrible choices.

Bride? Or Bridezilla?

In the post, which has gained over 13k upvotes since being posted, FB explained the situation and asked if they were overreacting. When it comes to family, it’s easy to sit back and question the choices we make. Especially because family is gifted at making others feel guilty. However, most people sided with FB.

My sister is getting married next month. My husband and I were both planning on going but when we got the invitation it was only for me. When I called my sister and asked about it she said my husband was of course fine to come but she requested that he not be in any family photos.


Naturally, the exclusion of her husband based on his disability made FB upset and angry. Some things aren’t really worth fighting for or causing drama over. However, this certainly triggered an emotional response from both FB and their family members.

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My husband of 8 years is in a wheelchair. He has been in a wheelchair since he was 16 and my family has always ever known him to be in his chair. Apparently my sister doesn’t want him in any of her wedding photos because she is afraid that he’ll take attention away from her because he is “different.”


According to the bride, when people come over and see their family photo “they always ask about him. Because he’s the only one that is in a wheelchair, so he stands out. She says she wants to be the main focus in her photos.”

Did they do the Right Thing?

Marrying someone means they are a part of your life. To exclude them in any form is wrong, but to do so simply because of a disability is downright cruel. When FB realized what her sister was saying, she made up her mind to avoid the wedding entirely. After calling her sister a bridezilla, FB informed the family that she wouldn’t be attending- with or without her husband.

I’ve been getting calls from parents and relatives telling me I need to apologize to my sister because now she’s upset.

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I’m angry at them for thinking it’s OK to leave my husband out of family photos because of his disability. My husband hates being a burden on people and he says hes fine with not being in the photos. Which made me even angrier because now he feels bad about himself for something I feel is unwarranted.


What would you do if your sibling wanted your disabled spouse to stay out of their wedding photos? Does a bride have a right to ask such a thing? Or, is it something FB should definitely stand up and make noise about?

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My family says I need to apologize. But I feel like this is an issue I need to fight for. Am I wrong?


Reactions from the public are overwhelmingly in favor of FB and her husband. With many calling the bride to be a total monster.

This is ABSOLUTELY an issue that you need to fight for. Your sister wants to exclude your husband for no other reason than his wheelchair, and that’s unacceptable. She is being a bridezilla, for sure, and your AH family members are backing her up. Don’t feel one ounce of guilt for her. That’s just freaking awful, and she needs to get over herself.” –macladybulldog

One user even suggested a pretty brilliant idea of taking photos and sharing them with the family.

 OP Schedule a photo shoot with you and you husband on her wedding day, go all out make them spectacular and post them to show how amazingly photogenic your husband is.”

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We can get behind an idea like that. And it looks like plenty of people agreed with the lovely suggestion.

The OP’s husband deserves a chance to get all dressed up and be the centre of attention sometimes too. And couples do photos of themselves all the time. I think they should absolutely do it.” –MusketeersPlus2

Also you should go out for a fancy dinner! If you’re going to do a fancy photo shoot you’re going to be hungry and no point of wasting a good outfit.” –SunnyTraveller

Absolutely! I’d be putting that sh*t on blast. “Since we were asked to not participate in family photos due to my husband’s wheelchair, we’re doing our own wheelchair-themed photoshoot.” Make them fun and you’ll get lots of attention. We’ll all happily make you go viral.” –crazycatleslie

Well, what do you do in a situation like this? What would you suggest to FP about their sister, or how to handle their family trying to make them feel guilty? Let us know in the comments!

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