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Chantel Brink
April 2, 2024 ·  4 min read

At 60, Brad Pitt is ‘Ready to Marry’ First Woman Since Divorce, and You May Recognize Her.

Brad Pitt, the Hollywood heartthrob and one of the most celebrated actors of his generation, has long been in the public eye for his stellar performances on screen and his high-profile relationships. Now, at the age of 60, Pitt seems to be ready to take a significant step forward in his personal life as rumors swirl about his intentions to marry for the first time since his divorce from Angelina Jolie. The woman at the center of these rumors is someone you may recognize. Adding an extra layer of intrigue to the story.

Brad Pitt’s romantic journey has been closely followed by fans and tabloids alike

Brad Pitt's romantic journey has been closely followed by fans and tabloids alike
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From his early days as a rising star to his status as a Hollywood icon, Pitt’s love life has often made headlines. His first high-profile relationship was with actress Robin Givens in the late 1980s. Followed by an engagement to actress Gwyneth Paltrow in the mid-1990s.

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Marriage to Jennifer Aniston (2000-2005)

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However, his marriage to Jennifer Aniston in 2000 captured the public’s imagination and solidified his status as one-half of one of Hollywood’s golden couples. The pair seemed to embody the perfect blend of talent, charm, and beauty. Making them the darlings of the entertainment world. Their marriage, unfortunately, ended in 2005, amid rumors of Pitt’s growing closeness to his “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” co-star Angelina Jolie.

Marriage to Angelina Jolie (2014-2019)

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Pitt’s relationship with Jolie, often referred to in the media as “Brangelina,” was one of the most talked-about celebrity pairings of the 21st century. Their romance blossomed on the set of the action-packed film. Leading to a highly publicized affair and eventual divorce from Aniston. Pitt and Jolie went on to share a life together, raising six children and engaging in numerous philanthropic endeavors.

However, their union was not without its challenges

However, their union was not without its challenges
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In 2016, Pitt and Jolie shocked the world once again with news of their split. The ensuing divorce proceedings were lengthy and contentious, drawing significant media attention and speculation about the future of both parties.

In the years following his divorce from Jolie, Pitt has been relatively private about his dating life. He has been linked to several women, including actress Alia Shawkat and model Nicole Poturalski. But nothing seemed to stick in the public eye. That is until now.

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The latest reports suggest that Brad Pitt may have found love again

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Their romance first made headlines when Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon were spotted together at a Bono concert in November 2022. According to a source close to de Ramon, the pair initially connected through a mutual friend. And Pitt was reportedly smitten with the designer from the start.

Their public outings continued in December 2022 when Pitt brought de Ramon as his date to the L.A. premiere of his film Babylon. Witnesses at the afterparty noted the couple’s affectionate display. With arms wrapped around each other as they mingled with other guests.

Their relationship took a more intimate turn just a few days later, as they celebrated Pitt’s 59th birthday together at Pace, an Italian restaurant in Hollywood. According to insiders, the birthday bash was a joyous affair filled with gifts, Italian cuisine, and plenty of laughter. Pitt was said to be in high spirits, sharing cute and flirty moments with de Ramon throughout the evening.

2024 and things are still looking up for the couple

2024 and things are still looking up for the couple
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As the new year rolled in, Pitt and de Ramon jetted off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to ring in 2023 together. Further solidifying their bond away from the prying eyes of Hollywood. Fast forward to February 2024, and it’s clear that Pitt and de Ramon’s relationship has reached a significant milestone.

Sources close to the couple revealed to PEOPLE that de Ramon has moved into Pitt’s home, marking a major step forward in their commitment to each other. While de Ramon still maintains her own residence, insiders report that their relationship is stronger than ever, with de Ramon said to be happier than she’s ever been. As Brad Pitt, now 60, embraces this new chapter in his love life, fans can’t help but root for him and Ines de Ramon as they continue their journey together, sharing moments of joy, love, and companionship.

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