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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 13, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘I Don’t Want To Hear It,’ Says Woman Whose Friends And Family Believe Her Online ‘Boyfriend’ Is A Scammer

Everyone likes a love story, whether or not you are looking for a relationship. Most of us cannot help but swoon over cute stories filled with romantic sonnets and grand gestures. One woman found love with a man she never met. Their online relationship made her happy, so happy that she started sending him money. She did this regardless of her fiend’s warnings that her so-called boyfriend is a scammer. She would rather not know.

Jane does not believe that her boyfriend is a scammer
Image credit: Youtube / Dr. Phil

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Online lover, or scammer?

Jane met a man online that went by the name of Johnathan. She fell head over heels in love with him, even though they never met in person. All that Jane has of him are the many conversations they shared, as well as a few photos. This does not seem to matter to Jane, because he is very real to her. He sends her poetic messages, that seriously appealed to her. Rebecca, Jane’s best friend, has been there for Jane throughout their relationship. But, after finding out that Jane has sent him nearly $1 million, she has tried to warn her friend that Johnathan is a scammer.

Jane is not so convinced that their relationship is not real. Nor that Johnathan is a made-up person created by a scammer who wants her money. “Everybody would say Jonathan’s a scammer,” says Jane. “I’m at the point that I just don’t want to hear it anymore.”

Rebecca seems to understand Jane very well. She knows that Jane would ignore her warnings about Johnathan. “No one’s going to tell Jane what to do. She’s going to take it to the end,” Rebecca said. She does not trust the story that Johnathan told Jane. “It just doesn’t make sense,” says Rebecca.

Jane's best friend, Rebecca
Image credit: Youtube / Dr. Phil

Jane confirmed Rebecca’s statement by adding: “They can say all that they want. I’m not going to change my mind.” She did admit that she wished their relationship was simpler, but would take what she can, and endure whatever comes with it. “I wish it were easier, but it’s not. So, I’m just rolling with the punches.” Jane added, “Johnathan says he lives to make me happy. And who does not want to believe in fairy tales?”

Dr. Phil stepped in

The two friends were guests on the Dr. Phil show. There they discussed the dilemma and tried to get to the bottom of the Johnathan scammer mystery. Dr. Phil is a well-known TV presenter and certified psychologist. In fact, his title is not just a stage name to attract a bigger audience. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology. He wanted to help the women understand the situation that Jane is in. And hopefully, find out if Johnathan was a scammer or not. He asked Jane: “What is it about him that has you so head-over-heels in love when you’ve never met him?

Dr Phil chats with Jane and Rebecca
Image credit: Youtube / Dr. Phil

According to Rebecca, Johnathan told Jan that when he got out of his debt, he was in line to receive a massive payout of a few million dollars. Before that happens, he needs to pay his debt off. For which he needs Jane’s help. She was sending him money in the form of Bitcoin, but Rebecca did not trust the situation.

Johnathan is a scammer

It turns out that Dr. Phil had some tricks up his sleeve. He sent a field researcher to Miami, where Johnathan lived. After some investigation, they found out that Johnathan did not exist. He was a made-up man, created by a stranger. This stranger cloned the identity of another man named Edd. This was the face that Jane had grown to love in 2D. This was a saddening realization for Jane, who tried to hold back tears during the Dr. Phil episode.

Not only did the scammer victimize Jane, but he made Edd a victim by stealing his identity. In an upcoming episode, they plan to try to find out exactly who is Johnathan, even though Bitcoin transactions are very hard to trace. Not only that, but they plan to find out where this so-called Johnathan has been hiding.

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