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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
August 8, 2023 ·  2 min read

 9 Year Old Boy Passes Police Officer Touching Note In Restaurant

A Secret Life of Highlight Story: Sometimes, there are stories that are just too good, too beautiful, or too unbelievable to keep locked away. That’s why we scour the archives and bring some of them back to enjoy again. They may make you smile or shed a tear, but they’re always meant to add a little positivity to your day. This story is from May 2017. Enjoy! 

Childhood dreams are precious, even if some of us don’t see them come true. However, in 2017, Noah, who was only 9 years old at the time, had a dream of becoming a police officer. The child was at a Denny’s in Florida with his mother for breakfast when he noticed an officer sitting alone at a table nearby. The policeman’s name was Officer Eddie Benitez.

When Noah saw the officer, he had the feeling to do something for the officer. So he nervously told his mother that he had seen Eddie earlier and asked her permission to talk to the police officer. His mother agreed, but it was still a daunting task for Noah to actually say something to the officer even after approaching him. But Noah just would not stop trying.

9-year-old Noah with police officer Eddie Benitez.
Image Credits: Facebook | Lakeland PD

Noah, then thought about how he could communicate with Eddie. He had some birthday money saved, which he wanted to use to cover Eddie’s breakfast. Amanda, his mother, called over the waitress who agreed to the plan wholeheartedly. Noah wrote down his message on the receipt.

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Noah's note to police officer
Image Credits: Facebook | Lakeland PD

The Police Officer Received A Burst Of Motivation

The little boy then personally walked up to Eddie and delivered the receipt containing his sweet message. At first, Eddie was a bit confused as to why Noah was approaching him. But then the police officer read the wholesome note, and immediately jumped up and took a picture with the little boy.

Noah’s note was simple. It read: “I want to be you when I grow up, Thank you for your service, Noah.” Leave it to kids to brighten your day with the simplest of gestures! It was the same for Eddie. In fact, the police officer found the gesture so touching, that he always carries the note with him.

While talking to 10 News, Eddie explained: “It meant everything. It meant that I’m supposed to wake up every morning and put on this uniform and go out there and do what I do. You know? It means that I need to keep trying to be a good example to all these young guys.” Eddie’s workplace – the Lakeland Police Department – found the story just as charming. So they shared Noah and Eddie’s picture on their page on Facebook. Of course, all the praise and affection Noah received for his gesture only boosted his desire to be a police officer. Hopefully, he attains it!

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