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Jade Small
Jade Small
July 10, 2024 ·  6 min read

Boy Cries at His Mom’s Grave Saying ‘Take Me With You’ Until He Feels Woman’s Hand on His Shoulder — a Short Story

The natural order of things is that our parents die before us. But, what happens to the children who lose their parents before they have grown? The guidance is now dependent on guardians, and when there is no other family, often an orphanage is the only option. Our story today is of little Samuel. He was only a small child when his mother passed away.

Samuel was only five years old when it happened. But he could still remember the smell of her perfume, the color of her hair, and the way she would stroke his hair as he fell asleep. Her memory burned brightly within him, and he would focus on them every day, for he feared he might forget her. He ended up in an orphanage because he had no other family left to care for him. He would sit by the window each day, staring at the clouds, imagining his mom as an angel watching him from above. 

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Samuel was a small boy, he always had been little. His mother said that he would grow into his size, as did her father. He never met his grandfather, so he found it hard to believe her. He was now six years old, he had been at the orphanage for a year. He did not like it there, it was cold at night. There was little space to be alone because there were so many children at the orphanage. Samuel was one of many boys his age, and the other kids had been there for a much longer time. Most of them did not even remember what their parents looked like. 

The boys would taunt Samuel for being sad all the time. They teased him for being a mommy’s boy, and they often hid the photo of Samuel and his mother that he kept on the stand next to his bed. Samuel would cry and look everywhere for it, and the boys would just watch and laugh until the caretakers came in. They would take him to their office for some quiet time, Sam didn’t care what the boys thought about this, he just wanted to be alone. What he wanted above all else was for his other to come and take him away from that place. He would write letters to her in heaven, and give them to the postman to send to her. He knew deep down it would never reach her, but he hoped she knew he was trying. 

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The Runaway

One day, the boys at the orphanage were on a real mean streak. They had been on Samuel’s case the whole day, from the moment he woke up. They tripped him at breakfast In the mess hall and gave him such a fright at lunch that he dropped his milk onto his lap. The final straw was when they found the letter he wrote to his mom, and they passed it around the orphanage for every kid to read, so everyone started giggling at him behind his back. Samuel had had enough. He could not stand it anymore.

At recess that day, he went to where he knew there was a gap in the fence and waited till no one was looking. He squeezed himself through, thinking how lucky it was that he was still small. He got to the other side with one or two scratches, and he ran. He knew exactly where he was going. 

A Stranger With a Friendly Smile

Samuel remembered the graveyard where his mother was buried, and it wasn’t far. He ran all the way there and arrived breathing heavily. He sat at her grave and cried his eyes out. He was so sad, and he longed for her to come and cradle him in her arms. Suddenly, there was a hand on his shoulder, and he could smell his mother’s perfume! He looked up with a fight and saw the frame of a woman. He got to his feet as the stranger asked him if he was okay. He sniffed and answered that his mother had died. 

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The woman told him that her name was Jane, and asked him why he was there all alone. He answered that he was living t an orphanage because he had no other family, but he hated it there so he ran away. The woman frowned and put her ad on his shoulder. She told him she was there to visit the grave of her son who had died one year ago. Samuel looked into her eyes and saw the same paint hat he felt. Jane offered to take Samuel back home, reassuring him that things will get better there. On the way, they stopped off at a small carnival. She bought him ice cream while they rode the Ferris wheel together. Samuel had not felt that happy since before his mother had died. 

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He Came To Her in Her Dream

That night, Jane told her husband all about the little boy. He looked understandingly at her, he knew she longed for her son to come back. When he slept, her dreams were vivid. Her son was there and he gave her a note that had an address written on it. Confused, she looked at her son to ask what it meant. In the beginning, she cried, but the same dream happened every night that week, and the same address was on the note. She mentioned it to her husband each morning. Together, they pondered on what their son might be trying to tell them. 

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They decided to visit the address from the note their son gave to her in her dream, she had memorized it by now. They put the address into their GPS. Jane was shocked to find that it took them to the same orphanage where she had dropped that little boy off a week ago. As they walked in through the gate, they saw Samuel sitting by an open window staring up at the sky.

Eventually, he saw Jane and he was so excited to see a friendly face. She was waving at him as he ran outside to greet her. After a big hug, she asked him what he was doing by the window all alone. He told her that he would so that every day, he was praying for his mother to take him home again. Jane looked at her husband, and his eyes had the expression. They knew what they wanted to do. 

His Mother took Him Home

Jane and her husband ended up adopting little Samuel, who was over the moon with joy that he had parents again to love and care for him. Samuel got to leave that awful orphanage, but he did feel terrible for the children he left behind, no matter how they had treated him. Jane doted on Samuel, and vice versa. They lived a happy life, full of gratitude for being given a second chance. The three of them would visit the graveyard where each other’s loved ones were buried and they would thank them for leading them to each other. 

This story was inspired by an original piece of fiction. Any similarities between this story and actual people is purely coincidental

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