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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 30, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘My boyfriend gets me pregnant every single year so I never have a period’

Like it or not, periods are a very important part of human life. These monthly visitors bring discomfort, mood swings, and a whole lot of inconvenience. While they’re undeniably tied to the miracle of life, sometimes you just wish they’d RSVP somewhere else. Well, one woman seems to have found a ‘loophole’ in the menstrual cycle every woman has to endure. She says her boyfriend just gets her pregnant so she doesn’t have to deal with such inconveniences.

No More Periods for Chantel

Chantel Schnider and her boyfriend seem to have a very loving relationship. With two children already welcomed into this world, and another on the way, Chantel happily shares family-orientated content on her TikTok page. There, her 667,200 followers lap up the happy vibes. But, not everyone is as excited about their content. In a recent post, Chantel is seen very pregnant (with their third child) and feeding sweets to her boyfriend while he dances, juggling their two toddlers in his arms.

The music playing over the clip is CasaDi’s song, “To My Man, Thank You to My Man Latto Casa Di remix,” The text overlay of the clip reads: “When your boyfriend gets you pregnant every year so you don’t have to deal with a period.”

It is unsure whether or not the post was a joke or not. But, the children they have are so close in age, that she could very well be telling the truth. However, it does not necessarily mean that they are only having children to avoid periods, although many women would agree this is an added bonus. Chantell did, however, comment that they do want a large family. “We want 10 or 8 [kids],” she wrote.

In another comment, Chantel revealed that her pregnancies have not all been fun and games. In fact, she described them as being unpleasant. This leads the viewers to question her motives. But, regardless of the pregnancy struggle, she says she would way prefer those to period. She wrote, “My pregnancies are absolutely miserable but somehow I’d still rather be pregnant than [have] a period.”

Pregnant woman feeding sweets to her boyfriend and two children.
Image credit: TikTok / The Alexander Family

Comments Of Shock

It is not surprising that many of the comments were shocked by her post. Some just simply cannot fathom the idea of being pregnant for so long. One person commented that this sounded like the worst idea. They wrote, “My idea of absolute Hell. Happy for you though x.”

Another person disagreed, saying she wants normality to return. It seems like the morning sickness is too much for her. She wrote, “I want my period back, the nausea and cramps are not it.”

Family of four
Image credit: TikTok / The Alexander Family

Others Are Also on the No-Periods Boat

Although, there was a resounding approval from her adoring fans. Many women commented adoring messages, wishing Chantel well, and applauding her plan of never having a period. One woman says she is going through the same thing, but she did not plan this like Chantel and her boyfriend. She wrote, “In the same boat. Currently 36 weeks, with an almost 2-year-old, and a 1-year-old. Isn’t for the weak that’s for sure.”

Another woman commented saying she’s also on board with this, but it hasn’t been an easy task. She wrote, “I’ve just about been pregnant for 3 years straight…sh*ts rough.” Another woman managed to get a break in between her third child and her fourth. She wrote, “I had 3 within 3 years, had a 1-year break, and just had my 4th last baby a week and 3 days ago.”

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