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Jade Small
June 18, 2024 ·  5 min read

Man Shamed for Demanding Girlfriend Pay for New Sheets After She Leaked on Them

Often, some men just do not understand what it is like to be a woman. Sometimes, things happen beyond our control. And while we can’t expect them to be able to relate to many of our womanly problems, a little compassion goes a long way. Although, sometimes, men do surprise us! And this one learned that his opinion was not needed after his post on Reddit backfired.

A Small Accident

User u/throway195067 posted on Reddit earlier this month. He was grossed out by what happened to him and wanted the opinions of others to make him feel better. His girlfriend had had a little accident in bed, and he was not impressed.

I (M26) have been dating my girlfriend (F24) for about a year now, and we recently moved in together. She didn’t have a lot of furniture and such. So, it’s mostly mine in our apartment including my bed (frame, mattress, sheets). I am a bit of a neat freak, and she generally is too, so we get along pretty well living together.

Woman Suffering from a Stomach Pain Lying Down on Bed

The Reddit poster goes on to explain how he isn’t grossed out by woman’s menstrual cycles. To prove this point he mentions that he still has intercourse with his girlfriend when she isn’t bleeding a lot.


The poster now gets more into detail, after explaining how he is not disgusted by his girlfriend’s cycle, he tells those reading his post that he is disgusted if she has an accident:

Well a few days ago when we woke up I noticed a blood spot on the bed. I got totally grossed out. I knew she had been on her period for 3 days already so it wasn’t any sort of surprise accident. Then, I asked how it happened. She was upset and said she thought she didn’t need to sleep with anything on. I told her that was absurd, why would you go without wearing anything and get blood all over my bed. I told her that was irresponsible and that she needed to pay me for new sheets.

She agreed to pay for new sheets but got upset with me for getting angry and calling her irresponsible. Then, she said that she likes to not wear anything when she can. She said she thought her flow was light and she wouldn’t bleed over night. She says I have no reason to be angry to talk down to her over something I don’t experience. I said that she should’ve been more careful with where we sleep and that it was unhygienic.

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Is he wrong?

User u/throway195067 wanted to know if he was in the wrong for asking her to pay, and the comments did not disappoint. Quickly, he was put in his place and shamed for making his girlfriend feel bad.

Some of the comments included:

She slept without anything bc she thought her period was over, or light as she said. I’ve been there, as I’m sure many menstruating women have. Also, I’ve gone from nothing to heavy in a few hours and ruined some panties that way. I’ve also had my pad shift in the night and got blood on my PJ’S and the sheets and you know what I did? Threw them in the ******* washer, with a little bit of Oxiclean & stain remover on Cold and guess what? No more blood. You jumped from “eww blood”- to the sheets being ruined without the logical step in between, ya know, washing them.

You’re clearly grossed out by period blood, it’s just your need to have sex overrode your “ick” factor briefly.


Another commenter was quick to let the Reddit poster know that what he did was not okay!

Oh my god you are probably the biggest a**hole I have ever seen on this, I’m sorry but this is OUTRAGEOUS.

First of all, it would be normal for you not to get freaked out about talking about it or buying her hygiene products … nothing to be praised.

As a woman, I would have packed my bags and left in that moment because you are clearly not mature enough to be with a woman or maybe you need to educate yourself a bit better.


Many other posters thought the poster was just trying to “rage bait” and get comments on his thread.

A Turn of Events

Now, this is not something that happens too often online. People are very quick to defend themselves and never give in. The man who originally made the post realized he was wrong! He added the following edit to his post to apologize. Sadly for him, he realized it a little too late, because she ended up leaving! Lesson learned we hope! Whether the story was true, or if it was in fact just a tactic to gain popularity on the post, we hope other men were paying attention.

Woman Covering Her Face

Final Update: After sleeping on it and talking to my friends and family, I am definitely in the wrong here. I had no reason to be that grossed out and ask her to replace sheets when she washed them. And, I definitely had no right telling her she was irresponsible and how to manage her own body. I apologized to her sincerely, and said she definitely deserved better than that. She agreed and is not taking me back, which I deserve.

This was my first time living with a woman and I f**ked up big time. Thanks to the people trying to give helpful advice, and thanks to the sub for showing me how awful I acted. I’m going to take in all of this moving forward. I shouldn’t have ever seen my apartment as still MY apartment when she moved in. That was awful of me too. Best I can do is take this all in and learn from it and treat the next person in my life better. People of Reddit, have a good weekend

It takes a lot to admit you’re wrong. We hope this helps in future relationships!

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