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There’s A Belly Button Lint Brush To Clean Out That Fluff

Ever look down in your belly button and think – Wow, how did all that gunk get in there?! Well, MaggiesCraftSale has the product for you: The belly button lint brush. This handy little tool is an effective way to clean your belly button and can also make a pretty funny (but also useful) gag gift for your friends and family.


The Belly Button Lint Brush

Whether you want to buy this to make your friends and family laugh or you genuinely are searching for a better way to clean out your navel, the belly button lint brush is for you. They come in a variety of colors, so there’s one for every person in your social circle – or enough for you to never get bored of your own!


The best part? They cost just $3 apiece. Make sure you head over to the Etsy store as soon as possible. These funny little trinkets have a habit of selling out quickly!

Belly Button Lint Brush
Image Credit: MaggiesCraftSale | Etsy
Belly Button Lint Brush being used
Image Credit: MaggiesCraftSale | Etsy

Other Fun Gag Gifts

Want to buy someone in your life a gift that will make them laugh, but the belly button lint brush isn’t hitting the right funny bone? Lucky for you, there are plenty of other options to make even the most stone-faced family and friends crack.

  1. Archie McPhee’s Instant Underpants – Just add water!
  2. Grass-Covered Flip Flops – for the person who loves to feel the grass between their toes.
  3. Unicorn Snot Body Glitter Sunscreen – Get this for the person who wants to sparkle and shine while still being UV-ray safe.
  4. Money-Scented Deodorant – For the person in your life who doesn’t just want to look expensive, they want to smell like it, too.
  5. Roller Coaster Straw Set – Because the wilder the straw, the more fun the beverage.
  6. A Gigantic Beach Ball – This ball is for the person in your life who loves going to the beach and being seen. It will be hard to miss them with this gigantic beach ball!
  7. Umbrella Leash – Your friends with dogs who hate the rain, will laugh at this gift, but secretly, they’ll probably love it. Their precious pooch will, too.
  8. Reversible Sequin Nicolas Cage Pillow – At first glance, this is just a fun sequin accent pillow. Run your hands over it, however, and it reveals none other than Nicolas Cage himself.
  9. Burrito Blanket – For the person in your life that loves burritos so much, they want to be one.
  10. Godzilla Garden Gnome – Whether they love or hate garden gnomes, they’ll laugh at this version of them getting chomped by Godzilla.

Hopefully you can find something on this list that is perfect for whoever you’re buying a gag gift for. Happy laughing!


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