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Baby Girl Defies Expectations And Survives To Cuddle Her Twin Brother In Sweet Photo

A 27-year-old mother from Walton, Liverpool, Laura Hough, admitted that she “cried tears of joy” after her newborn twins were reunited two weeks after being delivered. Born prematurely, the twins Neve and Louie weighed just 1lb 7oz (652g) and 3lbs 3oz (1.5kg), respectively. Hough explained that doctors had told her that her baby girl, Neve, might not live. However, it was Louie who was placed in ICU, separating the twins at the time.[1]


Baby girl makes it

Lisa Hough explained, “Her and Louie were in separate bags, and he was fine, but it was affecting her blood flow, so I had to have an emergency C-section. For a good few weeks, I was carrying them. I kept getting told by the hospital that she wasn’t going to make it.” [2]

baby girl embracing her twin brother in the hospital.
Image: Laura Hough/Chris Carey

“They wanted her to make it to 28 weeks, so they were keeping an eye on her blood flow. And because it stayed stable, they pushed it to 30 weeks before performing the emergency C-section.

Hough described the twin’s reunion as emotional, saying it was “so cute, they were cuddling and even holding hands.” “They’re unbelievable. They’re so strong. I couldn’t be more proud,” she declared.

Baby girl Neve and her twin brother Louie was delivered through an emergency Caesarean after only 30 weeks. They were born on the 8th of March at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital.  

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A scary time

After her first pregnancy, Hough confessed the birth of the twins was quite “scary,” as she was “told for the last few weeks of my pregnancy [Neve] might not make it, but she was fine.”

Hough explained that her baby girl Neve’s blood flow was reversed, and she had suffered from malnutrition in the womb due to the deterioration of the placenta. Despite being born “so tiny,” Neve did not require oxygen.[2]


Parents Laura Hough and Chris Carey took pictures showing the baby girl and boy after their 2 weeks of being separated from each other.

They had me up the wall. Hough confessed, ‘I was going to the hospital twice a week as Neve, her placenta was deteriorating. She and Louie were in separate bags and he was fine but it was affecting her blood flow so I had to have an emergency C-section.

She’s incredible. The doctors said they had never seen a baby so small not need any help.

 Laura Hough and Chris Carey holding their twins, a baby girl and baby boy
Image: Laura Hough/Chris Carey

Louie had complications, however, and was separated from his sister and placed into another unit after his lungs had collapsed. Only after his successful treatment, was he allowed to join his mother and sister, the baby girl, Neve again. 

When they did come out she didn’t need any oxygen at all, she was fine. It was Louie, both of his lungs collapsed because he had air in them. So he ended up receiving treatment to drain the air out of his lungs.


Baby girl and baby boy reunited at last

Two weeks later Louie finally joined Neve and was placed in the same incubator. They were reunited on Tuesday at last, and Hough stated that Louie was “much better now” once she had seen him. Laura explained further:[1]


About two nights ago one of the other babies was being moved to a different unit so they brought Neve down and put her in the same room as her brother. Then yesterday they put them both in the same incubator at the same time. They ended up with their arms over each other, their legs crossed and holding hands. She tried to put her hands around his neck – it was funny to watch them.

“It was horrible when they were separated at birth but I cried tears of joy when they got back together. They were wrapping their legs around each other and cuddling, even holding hands at one point. They were so cute.

Hough explained that the doctors were hopeful that Neve and Louie would be discharged from the hospital by May. ‘Everyone is made up with them,’ she stated, ‘We are desperate to welcome them home.’

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