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Chloe Crawford
Chloe Crawford
March 15, 2024 ·  2 min read

Mom Gives Her Baby Stiletto Manicure, Posts On Social Media Offering Them To Others

Listen, I’m not a mom, so I’m going to keep my opinion out of this, but for the moms reading this — would you give your baby a stiletto manicure? I ask this because this mom gave her baby a manicure. And it wasn’t just any plain old manicure; it was a stiletto manicure, meaning her baby’s nails are now long and sharp. Again, I’m not a mom, so what do I know, but isn’t this a little dangerous?

Of course, this mom had to post about her ‘great job’ doing her baby’s nails and even advertised it to a Facebook Group. “I can do your babies [sic] nails. PM for info. Cheap rates,” she said.

Pictures of the mom holding her baby's hand showing off the stiletto manicure
Image Credit: u/rutlandclimber | Reddit

As you can imagine, people immediately started sharing this picture across social media platforms because it’s well… it’s not something you see every day. 

Users on Twitter poked fun at this mom who gave her baby a stiletto manicure 

I can do your baby’s nails. Kindly DM for more info,” the mother, Twitter user @Shes_fair, shares along with a picture of the baby’s stiletto manicure [1]. For a good reason, many people believed that these pictures had to be photoshopped because, well, who would give a baby a stiletto manicure? 

Another Twitter user chimed in. “It’s not a trend…One careless parent did this and posted it somewhere, that does not make it a trend! It still is super dangerous and just irresponsible tho..” @MomoDaBunny3612 warns other parents of the danger this ‘trend’ could cause babies [2].

A twitter user tweeting that this shouldn't become a trend because its risky
Image credit: @MomoDaBunny3612 | Twitter

Of course, other people are accusing this mom of negligence because all this mom is demonstrating by giving her baby a stiletto manicure is that she only wants money. “She just wants Money, whatever the consequences for babies. Problem inside her head. Babies must be loved as they are they don’t need this shit. So dangerous for them,” Twitter user @Vivianebb3 chimes in [3].

Is that not dangerous? 

Twitter users couldn’t help to become concerned about this baby’s safety. In fact, many users chimed into this Twitter thread just to point out how dangerous giving your baby a stiletto manicure really is. “No, just no. One the babies nail is so thin this can damage it for later in life. And honestly, it’s just stupid. Especially like the ones shown, I mean, why would you want sharp things that your baby would put in their mouth and possibly swallow. It’s just no no no no no no no nooo,” one user replied [4].

A twitter user tweeting that a baby having a stiletto manicure is very dangerous
Image credit: @FurFoxSakeSuits | Twitter 

There’s no doubt that this could become pretty dangerous for a newborn. Parents usually cut their baby’s natural nails to avoid their natural nails getting too sharp, not make them five times longer?? Believe it or not, but actress Patricia Arquette even had to say her piece. Basically, the moral of the story is just because we can do something (giving our baby a stiletto manicure) doesn’t mean we should. 

Actress Patricia Arquette responds to the stiletto manicure saying: "what if the baby pokes it's eye?"
Image Source @PattyArquette | Twitter 

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