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Ashton Kutcher wanted to give his own heart to His Twin Brother Who was Told He Has Weeks To Live

I am sure we are all very familiar with the name Ashton Kutcher. As a celebrity, he has made quite the name for himself. It is not surprising that one of the older headlines is the story of how selfless and loyal this actor really is. Over 20 years ago, Kutcher was prepared to donate his own heart to his twin brother who was told at 13 years old that he only had weeks to live. 

Michael Kutcher Has Always Thought of Twin Brother Ashton Kutcher ‘as a Protector’
Ashton Kutcher and Michael Kutcher via US Magazine

Ashton Kutcher’s Career

Ashton is over 40 years old now. Throughout his long and expansive career, he has managed to bring smiles and inspiration to those who viewed his work. He has been famous for his roles in “Cheaper by the Dozen”, and the romcom, “what happens in Vegas.” He has also starred in a few TV shows such as “Two and a Half Men,” and, “That 70s Show.” He was not only an actor in both romance and comedy roles. As well roles in the dramas and psychological thrillers like, “The Butterfly Effect,” reflect that. Ashton also dabbled a bit in reality TV. With his role as a presenter in the hit show known as “Punk’d.”

Aside from acting, Ashton made a promising career as a businessman and venture capitalist. He was the co-founder of A-Grade Venture Capitalists and worked with that company until he moved on to the Sound Successor.  So, now that you are familiar with the actor, if you weren’t before, let’s look into why he would want to donate his heart to his brother, knowing full well it would cost his own life. 

Michael Kutcher Has Always Thought of Twin Brother Ashton Kutcher ‘as a Protector’
Ashton Kutcher and Michael Kutcher via US Magazine

Ashton Kutcher’s Twin Has Cerebral Palsy

If you were not aware, you might be surprised to have discovered that Kutcher is in fact a twin. His brother’s name is Michael. The pair share a bond that few experience. In an interview, Michael tried to find the word for his connection with his brother, Ashton. He had the following to say. “In all seriousness, we’re just very connected. It’s an honor or deep appreciation and a deep love for someone who would sacrifice that for you. I really can’t put words to it.”

So, at their birth, it was obvious that Michael was not as strong as his fraternal twin, Ashton. His lungs were struggling to function and he was a lot smaller. When Michael and Ashton Kutcher were 13 years old Michael was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy, and his doctors informed his family that Michael only had a few weeks to live.

Not long after the diagnosis, Michael went into cardiac arrest, and those few weeks were squashed down into 48 hours left to live. He needed a heart transplant to survive, which is something that Ashton said he wished he could have done for his brother. Luckily, a donor was found, and Michael’s life was saved. Since then, Michael has become an advocate for those suffering from the very same disease. He promoted the BetheGift campaign which is an organization that advocates for people to sign up as organ donors. 

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Michael’s Spirits Remain High

Being diagnosed with a life-changing disease isn’t easy, and can take its toll on your mental health. However, despite Michael’s condition he tries to have a positive attitude toward life.

“We’re not born equal, but that’s okay. It’s okay. You may think I got the wrong end of the stick. But, having the transplant and the disability and everything, but in my eyes, I got the right end,” Michael said.

During a 2003 TV interview, Ashton Kutcher discussed his brother and his cerebral palsy.

“My brother was born with cerebral palsy and it taught me that loving people isn’t a choice and that people aren’t actually all created equal… The Constitution lies to us. We’re not all created equal. We’re all created incredibly unequal to one another, in our capabilities and what we can do and how we think, and what we see. But we all have the equal capacity to love one another, and my brother taught me that.”

“Who I am is for a reason. I strongly feel that a major part of that reason is to be an advocate and be outspoken and use the platform that I am to advocate for disability. To advocate for organ donation, and I feel I’ve found my purpose in that.”

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