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Angry mom parks her car on pavement to stop 5G masts being built

Technology has introduced many things in our lifetimes. We have become ever more connected, and now 5G is here to strengthen that connection. However, some people are not happy about it as they believe that there may be health concerns related to 5G. So, when technicians were sent into a UK neighborhood to dig holes for a 5G tower, one mother was not impressed. She quite literally put a stop to the digging by parking her car across the sidewalk where they were working. She was later named the neighborhood hero for her successful protest.

Mother – 1 and 5G – 0?

44-year-old Jodie Whitworth is currently on maternity leave. She works a finance job, and she claims she generally doesn’t cause any trouble in society. However, one day, her neighbor knocked on her door to deliver some news that infuriated her. A 5G tower was scheduled to be installed on the pavement outside her home in Southampton, UK. “One of our neighbors knocked on our door on Wednesday and told us that they’re putting up the mast,” said Jodie, who was interviewed by the Daily Echo“We spoke to the workers and they told us that they were going to start digging.

Jodie and a bunch of her neighbors were not happy about the placement of the 5G tower. According to the reports, the contractors submitted the plans for the tower to the city council. But, the plans were not approved because they would take up too much space on the sidewalk. It would block the way for wheelchairs and electric buggies. Not only that, but dog walkers, mothers with strollers, joggers, and more.

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‘Something had to be done’

The angry mother, backed up by her army of neighbors, knew they had to do something to stop the tower from being installed. “My fiancé told me to take our little car and put it where they were going to dig a hole,” said Jodie. “Although, I think he meant on the road, not on the pavement.” She followed her fiance’s instructions quite literally. In other words, she drove right up onto the pavement where the contractors intended to dig the holes for the tower.

Image Credit: Daily Echo

In October last year, the neighbors had explicitly expressed their grievances over the plans for the 5G tower. So, the council did not approve the construction. Although, the resident of Raymond Road in Southampton were not informed. So, Jodie decided to call them up to get some answers. She said, “I rang the council planning department and asked them to say ‘yes or no on whether a 5G mast would be put up on the pavement but all they said was they would pass that on. I don’t know what else to do, I’m not a troublemaker but it’s frustrating.”

Jodie explained that they are angry because the contractors are going ahead with their plan, even though they weren’t approved by the council. “For us,” she said on behalf of her neighbors. “It’s about all the sneakiness that is going on, we objected to the plans and they’re still going ahead.”

They’ve got the money

Jodie said she managed to chat with the workers who were waiting to start digging holes. She said, “I spoke to the workers and it’s what they said – the guys at the top, they have got the money, it’ll happen whatever I do. How on earth is that fair? And what is the council doing? They’re being overridden.”

The local authority’s spokesperson said that the council had approved a trial run to see how feasible the tower was. “Southampton City Council has approved a permit request from T-Mobile to carry out trial holes for the feasibility of a potential new telecommunications mast. The installation of a telecommunications mast in this location has not been approved and requires an application for prior approval for its siting and appearance to be submitted to the local planning authority.”

The council has reportedly not received further applications from T-mobile for the 5G tower. They want an update on the company’s plans in this regard. Jodie’s neighbors are very happy with her determination. One of her neighbors, 79-year-old Anne Wheeler praised her efforts. “She did a great job, I think she’s a hero,” said Anne. “It’s not the right place for a mast, there would be no room for pedestrians.”

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