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Can You Pass This Quiz About American History?

Introducing the ultimate quiz on US history, which includes a selection of the most significant US events ever. Do you consider yourself to be an expert in American history? See if you can pass by trying your luck and answering questions on American history!

1. George Washington was which number President Of The United States?

London, UK - April 20th 2023: A statue of first American President George Washington, located outside the National Gallery in London, UK.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. ThirdB. Fourth
C. FirstD. Second

2. What year did the moon landing occur?

Astronaut on lunar (moon) landing mission. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. 1929B. 1989
C. 1969D. 1912

3. Which city was President John F. Kennedy shot and killed?

Great Falls, Montana - USA, November 1963 newspaper and Life Magazine Coverage of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald
Credit: Shutterstock
A. HoustonB. Austin
C. DallasD. San Antonio

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4. What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?

We the people, the beginning of the preamble to the United States constitution

A. The Addendum Of FreedomB. Appendix of America
C. The Bill Of RightsD. The Decision Of Congress

5. Which of these foods wasn’t served by the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving dinner in 1621?

Reenactment scene of the first Thanksgiving Dinner in Plymouth in 1621 with a Pilgrim family and a Wampanoag Indian
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Pumpkin PieB. Indian Corn
C. VenisonD. Ham

6. Who is usually credited as the first European explorer to set foot in what is now the U.S.?

Juan Ponce De Leon statue in old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Christopher ColumbusB. Juan Ponce de Leon
C. John CabotD. Marco Polo

7. Where was the famous Lost Colony located?

Gravestone commemorating The Lost Colony at Roanoke, NC
Credit: Shutterstock
A. New YorkB. North Carolina
C. VirginiaD. New Jersey

8. Which of these disputes between the British government and American colonists helped lead to the Revolutionary War?

General George Washington, Major George Ross, Robert Morris, Betsy Ross with the first American flag, approved by Congress on June 14, 1777
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Women’s SufferageB. Food Riot
C. SlaveryD. Settling Of The Western Frontier

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9. The French and Indian War was part of which larger conflict?

Old illustration of Comanche indians horseback. Created by Duveaux after report made under the direction of the U.S. secretary of the war. Published on Le Tour du Monde, Paris, 1860
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Hundred Years’ WarB. Civil War
C. Seven Years’ WarD. World War I

10. Where did American protesters throw the East India Company’s tea in 1773?

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Boston tea party is symbol of English tea rejection . Distribution coffee in America. USA flag
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Delaware RiverB. Mississippi River
C. Boston HarborD. Hudson River

11. Who in the Continental Congress first introduced the motion for independence?

Richard Henry Lee 1732 to 1794 he was an American statesman from Virginia famous for the motion in the second continental congress vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Thomas JeffersonB. John Adams
C. Benjamin FranklinD. Richard Henry Lee

12. Who gave a speech in 1775 proclaiming, “Give me liberty, or give me death?”

Patrick Henry 1736 to 1799 he was an American attorney planter orator and the first and sixth post to colonial governor of Virginia famous for his declaration to the Second Virginia Convention
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Samuel AdamsB. Patrick Henry
C. Nathan HaleD. James Madison

13. When did Gen. George Washington cross the Delaware River?

General George Washington taking leave of the officers of his army, December 4, 1783, lithograph by Nathaniel Currier published 1848
Credit: Shutterstock
A. January 1774B. October 1775
C. December 1776D. November 1777

14. What was President George Washington’s annual salary?

Detail of the fresco The Apotheosis of Washington adorns the interior of the dome of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. It was painted by Constantino Brumidi.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. $50,000B. $10,000
C. $5,000D. $25,000

15. When did the invading British Army capture and burn the nation’s capital?

Remains of Capitol clock tower, old state capitol building, olympia vintage line drawing.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. 1778B. 1814
C. 1835D. 1863

16. How much land did the U.S. get from France in the Louisiana Purchase?

Remains of Capitol clock tower, old state capitol building, olympia vintage line drawing.
Credit: Shutterstock

A. 530 Million AcresB. 750 Million Acres
C. 250 Million AcresD. 100 Million Acres

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17. Who led an armed slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831?

Discovery of Nat Turner ( 1800- 1831) by Benjamin Phipps on October 30, 1831, Engraving by William Henry Shelton (1840-1890) with modern color.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Booker T. WashingtonB. Fredrick Douglass
C. Nat TurnerD. John Brown
RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA, September 11, 2018 : John Quincy Adams statue. The City of Presidents is a series of life-size bronze statues of past presidents along Rapid City streets.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Rutherford B. HayesB. George W. Bush
C. Benjamin HarrisonD. John Quincy Adams

19. Which president said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”?

Washington, DC. USA, February, 1985 President Ronald Reagan waves as foreign diplomat leaves after holding meetings in the White House.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Ronald ReaganB. Jimmy Carter
C. Gerald FordD. Richard Nixon

20. Whose arrest sparked the 1955-56 Montgomery bus boycott?

Montgomery AL, EE.UU 08-31-2022 Rosa Parks Dedication Statue
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Rosa ParksB. Martin Luther King Jr.
C. James MeredithD. Harriet Tubman

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21. Independence Day was first established as a holiday by Congress in what year?

Statue of Liberty on the background of flag usa, sunrise and fireworks
Credit: Shutterstock
A. 1870B. 1938
C. 1776D. 1853

22. Which president said, “Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate”?

JFK MEMORIAL TRIBUTE, FORT WORTH TEXAS FEB 2017: On 11-22-1963 President John F. Kennedy gave an impromptu speech to thousands of spectators on the front steps of the historic Hotel Texas.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Ronald ReaganB. John F. Kennedy
C. Richard NixonD. Franklin D. Roosevelt

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23. Where was the first Fourth of July celebration with a fireworks display held?

Usa Celebration With Hands Holding Sparklers And American Flag At Sunset With Fireworks
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Boston, MassachusettsB. New York, New York
C. Atlanta, GeorgiaD. Washington, D.C.

24. What year were American women granted the right to vote?

National Women's Party demonstration in front of the White House in 1918. The banner protests Wilson's failure to support women's suffrage.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. 1905B. 1969
C. 1935D. 1920

25. Which of these Supreme Court cases ended segregation in schools?

African American school children posed with their teacher outside a segregated one-room school, in South Carolina. Ca. 1905
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Brown v. Board Of EducationB. The Dred Scott Decision
C. Roe v. WadeD. Plessy v. Ferguson

26. What is the name commonly used to refer to the operation in which Allied Forces landed in Normandy in June of 1944?

Silhouetted by helmets, view shows two landing craft at Omaha beach on D-Day. Each large ship landed 200 soldiers. June 6, 1944, World War 2.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. D-DayB. Invasion #1944
C. Operation InvasionD. Normandy Day

27. Which of the following was NOT one of the United States’ allies in World War II?

Arlington, VA, USA August 6 The sun rises on the Marine Corp Memorial in Arlington, Virginia within sight of the monuments of Washington, DC
Credit: Shutterstock
A. FranceB. Britain
C. GermanyD. Soviet Union

28. What was the name of the document issued by Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves in the rebellious states?

Lincoln Memorial Monument and Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
Credit: Shutterstock
A. The Emancipation ProclamationB. The Free Amendment
C. The Freedom ContractD. The Articles Of Liberty

29. On January 28, 1986, what space shuttle exploded shortly after liftoff, taking the lives of all 7 people on board?

The launch of the space shuttle. With fire and smoke. Against the background of the starry sky. Elements of this image were furnished by NASA
Credit: Shutterstock
A. ChallengerB. Discovery
C. EndeavorD. Voyager

30. Who wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

Washington DC / USA - Oct 05 2019: Bust of Francis Scott Key (1779 - 1843) at the park named after him in Georgetown, Washington DC, USA. He wrote the lyrics of The Star-Spangled Banner.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Emma GoldmanB. Francis Scott Key
C. F. Scott FitzgeraldD. John Philip Sousa

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31. What scandal In 1972, involved five men who were detained by police for breaking into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.

The Watergate complex is an office-apartment-hotel complex built in 1967 in northwest Washington D.C., on the Potomac River, best known for the Watergate Scandal of President Nixon.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. The D.C. ScandalB. Spygate
C. WatergateD. The Democratic Disaster

32. The Transcontinental Railroad connected in which state in 1869?

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1944: A stamp printed in United States. Displays the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad. United States - circa 1944
Credit: Shutterstock
A. NevadaB. Utah
C. TexasD. Louisiana

33. In what year was Prohibition repealed in the United States Constitution?

Customers at a Philadelphia bar after Prohibition's end, Dec. 1933.
Credit: Shutterstock
A. 1941B. 1933
C. 1905D. 1920

34. What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?

John Hancock signs the Declaration of Independence 1776
Credit: Shutterstock
A. 1776B. 1492
C. 1625D. 1795

35. United States involvement in the Vietnam War took place mostly in which decade?

Huey Military Helicopters flying over a jungle environment during the Vietnam War. 3d render illustration
Credit: Shutterstock
A. 1776B. 1970
C. 1980sD. 1950s

36. What official position was Alexander Hamilton the first to hold in the United States?

Statue of Alexander Hamilton in front of the Cuyahoga County Courthouse in Cleveland Ohio
Credit: Shutterstock
A. Secretary of DefenseB. Secretary of State
C. Secretary of TreasuryD. Secretary of Homeland Security


Beautiful USA Flag Happy Independent Day
Credit: Shutterstock
  1. First
  2. 1969
  3. Dallas
  4. Bill of Rights
  5. Pumpkin Pie
  6. Juan Ponce de Leon
  7. North Carolina
  8. Settling Of The Western Frontier
  9. Seven Years’ War
  10. Boston Harbor
  11. Richard Henry Lee
  12. Patrick Henry
  13. December 1776
  14. $25,000
  15. 1814
  16. 530 Million Acres
  17. Nat Turner
  18. John Quincy Adams
  19. Ronald Reagan
  20. Rosa Parks
  21. 1870
  22. John F. Kennedy
  23. Boston, Massachusetts
  24. 1920
  25. Brown v. Board Of Education
  26. D-Day
  27. Germany
  28. The Emancipation Proclamation
  29. Challenger
  30. Francis Scott Key
  31. Watergate
  32. Utah
  33. 1933
  34. 1776
  35. 1960s
  36. Secretary of Treasury

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