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Mayukh Saha
February 15, 2024 ·  5 min read

39 Household Items Everyone Had 30 Years Ago That Nobody Has Anymore

Life is all about change. Who we are changes daily- so it shouldn’t be weird to believe that the household items we once used will not be in use anymore. And there are loads of such things that no one has in their homes- for good reason! Some of them are quite cumbersome, and in the land where rents are getting higher and living spaces smaller, we can all do with some minimalism. But let’s talk about the top 40 household items that we might have seen 30 years ago but are definitely not in use anymore. 

40 Household Items That Have Gone Completely Obsolete

1. Giant CRT TV Sets

Image Credits: Pixabay

We have stepped into the world of 4K Ultra Smart TVs, which are sleek and sometimes curved. There is no place for those big TVs that weighed close to 300 pounds and needed three technicians to fix. 

2. Stuck, Filled Candy Jars

Image Credits: Pixabay

Thank God we don’t find sticky candy jars anymore. No one knows how old they were, but everyone could see how gross they were. 

3. Furniture With Cushions Designed Too Elaborately

Image Credits: Facebook

Back in the days when smoking on a sofa was cool, our aesthetic was different. Now, we look for solid colors that would give everything a clean look. 

4. Tetris Floors

Image Credits: Flickr

Gone are the days when our floors looked like they were playing Tetris. With the advancement of technology, we can install aquariums under our feet. 

5. The Decade-Old Mixer

Image Credits: Flickr

There are families where the mixer is as old as the breadwinner. But now we find extremely sleek and minuscule blenders that do the same task- but faster. 

6. Victorian Crockpot

Image Credits: Flickr

There is no place for a household item like a crockpot in a kitchen that is built with the most modern tastes. 

7. Needle ball

Image Credits: Flickr

We have boxes to keep our needles in. We don’t really use anything woolen as a pincushion anymore. 

8. The Poncho Blanket

Image Credits: Pinterest

The design is just obsolete. Nothing more to add. 

9. Fancy Dresser

Image Credits: Facebook

When a large part of the population lives in a tiny studio apartment, you don’t have the space to install bulky dressers. 

10. Salad Bowl

Image Credits: Pixabay

We use any bowls that we find. There is no need for a catalog. 

11. Film Container

Image Credits: Reddit

It contained anything- but film.

12. Pandora’s Box?

Image Credits: Facebook

We really wanted to know what was in those boxes. But the result was usually quite disappointing. 

13. CD Binder

Image Credits: Twitter

In the days of VCRs and DVDs, CD holders were a big thing. We had all our mix tracks detailed and kept separately. 

14. Creepy Figurine

Image Credits: Etsy

The only reason one should be happy for small washrooms is the absence of creepy figurines on the wash basin. 

15. Book Shelves

Image Credits: Pixabay

Most of us read or purchase books on Kindle. And the only books we buy are the ones we place on coffee tables. 

16. Desktop Computers

Image Credits: Flickr

When our computer fits in our pocket- do we really need a bulky setup?

17. Incandescent Light Bulbs

Image Credits: Pixabay

Even Edison would scoff at you using the bulbs from the 1930s. It is time to go green, don’t you know?

18. Alarm Clocks

Image Credits: Pixabay

Every single phone on earth has an inbuilt alarm clock feature. Simply switch that on. 

19. Fax Machines

Image Credits: Pixabay

When you have emails and Whatsapp messages, why do you need a Fax Machine?

20. Landlines

Image Credits: Pixabay

You have phones on your watch. Are you still cribbing for a landline, simply for nostalgia?

21. Answering Machines

Image Credits: Pixabay

We have voicemails now. 

22. Calculators

Image Credits: Pixabay

Just like your alarm clock, you will also find a calculator app on your phone. Go crazy, children!

23. Phone Books

Image Credits: Flickr

After all, who wouldn’t like to have the numbers and addresses of everyone in the city? But no, privacy is quite an important concept, you see. 

24. Takeout Menus

Image Credits: Flickr

In the world of Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and scores of other delivery apps, do you still rely on Takeout Menus? How plebeian. 

25. A Map

Image Credits: Pixabay

There is absolutely no reason for you to carry a physical map. Unless you are Indiana Jones. 

26. Camcorder

Image Credits: Pixabay

If you are purchasing an iPhone 14 Pro Max for over a thousand dollars, you should be aware that it comes with a video camera feature. 

27. iPod

Image Credits: Pixabay

There is no place for the iPod in the iPhone world.

28. DVD Players

Image Credits: Flickr

Some of us still have Blu-Ray disc players. And most of us have subscribed to Streaming channels. DVD players are a thing of the late 90s and early 2000s. 

29. Photo Albums

Image Credits: Pixabay

Phone galleries. Stores a lot more, especially with cloud services. 

30. Cheques

Image Credits: Flickr

The entire world banks on the Internet, so why are you behind?

31. Sifter

Image Credits: Flickr

We don’t think any evolved version of this obsolete household item exists anymore. 

32. View-Master

Image Credits: Flickr

Just go on YouTube. If you are feeling fancy, get a VR headset.

33. Coffee Maker

Image Credits: Flickr

We think these coffee makers were a thing of the World Wars. For they are literally made out of Grade Aluminium. 

34. Ice Trays


While they’re not technically a thing of the past yet, they are on their way. Most refrigerators have handy ice dispensers that can be accessed even without opening the fridge. 

35. Can Opener

Image Credits: Flickr

There are different models- handier, and cheaper.

36. Wine Bottle Opener

Image Credits: Flickr

Again, there are better variants. 

37. Silly Putty

Image Credits: Flickr

Children today are more engrossed in their PS5s. 

38. VHS Holders

Image Credits: Flickr

No one has a VHS anymore. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to even find a VHS cassette anymore. 

39. Two Keys For A Single Car

Image Credits: Pixabay

Why? Some cars don’t even need a single key anymore.

So, what are some of the household items that you think have gone completely obsolete? Write to us in the comments!

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