Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
January 12, 2023 ·  2 min read

“We want a family” – 3 young brothers desperately hoping to be adopted by the same family

Some of us were fortunate enough to grow up in fully functioning households. Some of us, not so much. We, as humans, crave loving and supportive parents who accept us for who we are. Sadly, this is not the case for thousands of children worldwide. many end up in the system because of unwanted pregnancies, the loss of their parents, or a multitude of other reasons and unless relatives can step in, their futures are not as rose-colored as one may hope.

There are so many children out there just hoping for parents of their own

Bobby, Aiden and Marshall
Image Credit: Heart Gallery YouTube

Not wishing for money, toys, or a massive yard and a puppy, many children would do anything to just find themselves in a loving family. Siblings Bobby (11), Marshall (10), and Aiden (10) are no exception to this dream. All they wish for is a family to welcome the three of them together. Marshall and Aiden are twins and the three of them have gotten the nicknames Curly, Larry, and Moe.

The three siblings fear being separated the most and would do anything to find themselves adopted together. Simply stating, “we want a family!Partnerships for Children, an organization that helps home children like the three siblings has spoken out about the boys and what it would mean to them to find their perfect family.

Video Credit: Heart Gallery YouTube

From Minecraft to puzzles, they just want to be kids

“Bobby can be quieter than his younger brothers and strives to please others. His interests include swimming and martial arts, while he also enjoys playing Minecraft and doing puzzles.” They posted. “Aiden, meanwhile, is described as a “leader of sorts”, and is said to love being outside and learning new things. His twin, Marshall, is a fun-loving boy with a creative imagination who enjoys spending time with his two brothers.”

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Partnerships for Children say the boys will “best benefit from a two-parent home with a mom and a dad and no other children. Their forever family will be dedicated to the boys and will stress the importance of the sibling relationship.” And when asked what his brothers meant to him, Marshall was not shy to speak up.

Forever Families meets Bobby, Aiden and Marshall
Image Credit: Heart Gallery YouTube

They mean friendship to me.” Said the 10-year-old. Aiden, meanwhile, said: “They mean love.” The boys are tired of being forced to move around so much and are currently at a boy’s ranch. “I’ve been here for three years,” he explained. “I had to move from one house to another, and in the first house, I had to move rooms. I’ve been there (at the ranch) way longer than these two. I got here first.”

How you can help

We really hope these boys manage to find their forever family soon. All it takes is a share here and there and the right family will come along, ready with loving, open arms. After all, they deserve love just as much as any other child does. A warm bed, a goodnight kiss and dreams of the most perfect things.


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