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Jade Small
Jade Small
June 10, 2024 ·  3 min read

Dad lets 3-year-old daughter choose her picture day outfit with ‘super’ results

Kaylieann was one of the most adorable little three-year-olds. She had a big decision to make when her school told them it was picture day coming up. She chose a remarkable picture day outfit that saw her turn into a hero for the day. Hilariously, her mother only saw the result once the picture was sent to them by the school.

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A Heroic Choice for a Picture Day Outfit

Kaylieann Steinbach was a three-year-old little girl who became an overnight internet sensation. Kaylieann was not your average toddler. She sadly suffers from deafness. While her hearing is not entirely gone, she lost about 70% of her hearing from birth. When it came to her picture day outfit of choice, the internet swooned over the adorable little girl who was so brave regardless of her disability.

Little girl with her dad
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The night before the big shoot, Kaylieann was in a buzz of excitement. She could not wait for picture day. The school has already told the parents of each child about it, so her dad thought he might help her pick out an outfit. However, when Kaylieann saw the choice of clothes her dad had set for her, the excitement quickly turned to disappointment. She wanted to choose her own picture day outfit.

Kaylieann has always had a deep love for superheroes. So, when her dad saw her outfit, and it seemed very fitting. The next day, she arrived at school wearing a Superman outfit and clutching firmly to her favorite toy, a Superman doll. “She walked up, looked over each of her choices, turned and said ‘Pootergirl!‘” said her dad, Austin. “And well, I couldn’t argue with that answer.

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Support from the Deaf Community

Because she is hard of hearing, Kaylieann can’t hear the letter “S.” So, to her, Superman is “Poorterman.” Her mother only saw her outfit of choice once the pictures were sent out. She laughed lovingly because this was not the first time Kaylieann had chosen a Superman to embody for picture day. Thankfully, Kaylieann’s school is very supportive. “Her school is amazing,” he said. “They always love and look forward to ‘the superhero of the day’ or what she’s picked out to wear.

Little girl with hearing aid
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Austin posted the pictures of his daughter’s picture day outfit to his social media, which went viral almost instantly. The deaf community who saw the pictures was in love with this brave little girl. “The reaction and turnout from the deaf community is amazing,” said Austin. “I still haven’t been able to get through all the messages of support and kind words people have sent me. I could never have imagined how much her picture could have touched so many.”

After Kaylieann’s picture day outfit choice, the world waited with bated breath to see what she would wear next. The next big decision was going to be Halloween. Her dad mentioned to Huffington Post that she was struggling to choose between the Incredible Hulk, Spider-man, or Super Girl. Or, in Kalieann’s case, “Pooter-girl.” Austin said, “Not sure if I’ll have a decision made or not by then with those hard choices. Costumes are serious business, especially when candy is involved.” He added, “I think this one is going to be hard to beat.”

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