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24 Everyday Objects With ‘Secret’ Uses You Don’t Know About

It’s incredible how many unexpected uses there are for everyday household items. We’re betting the companies who invented these products had no idea how versatile their products could be.  Here is a compilation of innovative uses for items you probably buy on a regular basis or already have in your house.


1. Versatile Gloves

These yellow rubber gloves aren’t just great for cleaning. They can give you the extra grip you need when opening tight jar lids. They also make excellent pet hair removers! Slide them on, and you’re all set to rub down your sofa, inside your car, and anywhere else. The pet fur should lift and stick to the glove.


2. Perfect Portion

If you’re like most people wondering how to get the perfect portion of spaghetti, the answer is in front of you. The ideal pasta portion is the exact amount that fits in the pasta spoon hole.


3. Clever Hole

The hole in your pan/pot is not only for hanging on the wall. Instead of dirtying another plate or dripping onto the counter, that hole can be used to hold the cooking spoon you’re using.


4. Desktop Cleaner

A makeup brush is a perfect tool for cleaning dust and snack crumbs off your computer or laptop keys. Just make sure they don’t have makeup on them.


5. Makeup Brush Stand

That plastic toothbrush holder that you can get from the dollar store works just as well for holding your makeup brushes. Rather than being jumbled in with the rest of your makeup, a toothbrush holder can make your brushes look and feel more organized/clean.


6. Frozen Grapes Cubes

The perfect summer refreshment! Toss some frozen grapes in your wine glass. Red grapes are perfect for red wines, and white grapes go well with white wine. The grapes won’t water down your drink or cool it down as quickly as ice cubes would.


7. Ice Bucket Colander

No more watered-down drinks! Your guests can scoop ice while the water drains through the colander into a bucket below.


8. ZigZag

There’s a reason one side of a bobby pin has a zigzag shape. Having the zigzags face outward isn’t as effective as having them face toward your scalp. That’s because the zigzags help the hairpin hold your hair better.


9. Straw Holder

It’s as simple as turning the soda tab and sliding the straw through it. This method keeps the straw from rising up and falling out of the can. Besides, drinking soda through a straw helps the sugar bypass your teeth.

10. The Ultimate Closet Space Saver

Use shower curtain rings to turn one hanger into ten. Hang up belts, scarves, bras, hats, ties, whatever you want!  Plus organizing similar items on the same hanger makes things easier to find!

11. No Slip Hanger Surface

We all know how aggravating it can be when our clothes slip off the ends of the hanger and onto the floor. To avoid this from happening, wrap pipe cleaners around the edge of your hangers to create a non-slip solution for hanging clothes.

12. Loofahs

Exfoliating loofah gloves maybe be great for the shower but did you know they can be used for thoroughly scrubbing and washing fruits and veggies!

13. Need A Rolling Pin?

A wine or liquor bottle works just as well…

14. A Drip Catcher

For moms or anyone who has little ones around, you know how much of a mess a little popsicle can be. Directions: Poke a hole in the bottom of a muffin liner with the end of the popsicle stick and slide it up.

15. Coffee Filters Pots

Coffee filters are great for preventing dirt from spilling through the drainage holes in your flower pots.

16.  Oven Drawer

The drawer under your oven is not just for storing pans and lids. It was actually intended to warm food (Note: only certain models are made for food warming – check the user manual to see if you have this feature or not!)

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17. Painting Tool

To keep the sides of your paint can and brush clean, stretch a rubber band around the can. This will make things easier when you need to wipe excess paint off of your brushes.

18. Boot Stands

Keep your long boots looking in mint condition by using pool noodles to keep them in an upright position. Pool noodles are lightweight and much more affordable than boot stands.

19. Cord Cable Organizer

With all of the different cords some of us have plugged into our power bars, it can be quite frustrating figuring out which wire goes with which device. Instead, you can label them with bag closings to keep things a little more organized.

20. Shoe Cover

If you need to pack your shoes but want to keep the dirt and germs from getting on the rest of your stuff, then use the shower caps that come with those hotel freebies. Simply cover the soles of your shoes before packing them in a suitcase.

21. Necklace Detangler

It’s so frustrating when our necklaces get tangled up. It can almost feel impossible trying to get the knot out! Keep your accessories from tangling together by placing one side through a straw and then attaching the clasp.

For a better demonstration see the video below!

22. Candle Holders

You can turn simple candles into a beautiful display using wine glasses! These make the perfect centerpieces for weddings or dinner parties.

23. Gas Tank Indicator

Gas tank indicator arrow: A car's best secret - 6abc Philadelphia

Your gas tank gauge does a lot more than just tell you how much fuel you have left. The arrow beside the gas pump symbol tells you which side your gas tank is on. The more you know…

24. The Hole in Pen Lids

bic pen

It turns out there is a reason for the hold you see in most pen lids. It’s not just to chew on, in fact, it’s a safety feature! It’s there to provide airflow in case it is swallowed to help reduce the risk of choking. While this may not be a “use” it’s still a pretty interesting fact!

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