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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 7, 2024 ·  11 min read

20 of The Creepiest Babysitter Stories

Babysitting is often portrayed as a simple job – just keeping an eye on kids while their parents are away. But for many babysitters, it can turn into a series of bizarre and sometimes downright creepy experiences. In this article, we delve into the strange and unsettling encounters shared by 21 babysitters.

1. Dad’s Creepy Girlfriend: A Disturbing Revelation

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“‘I like it when you’re here, not the other lady. She’s mean and she makes me sit in the closet.” This little girl was referring to her dad’s girlfriend. I told the dad about it and never saw the girlfriend around again.” — hydrangeasinbloom

2. A Homemade Ouija Board: Delving into the Paranormal

Ouija Board
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I babysat for the local policeman when I was teenager – he always came home very drunk and in a weird mood and one time brought out a home made Ouija board and persuaded me to take part with his buddies. Always paid me really well…” — Lil_toad_mode

3. Official Babysitter of the Local Swingers’ Club: Unveiling a Secret Community

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I baby sat a lot when I was 13-15. At the time I lived in a small town. I was a very popular baby sitter as I also worked at the daycare centre. Often I would have kids from two or three different families at once. I didn’t care I got triple the pay for having three different groups of kids. I was recently told why I always had groups of kids like that. Turns out the small town had a swingers club and I was the go to baby sitter for their different groups.” — MissPiggyK

4. There Was No Baby: A Mystery Unraveled

Emoty Cradle
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A family member of mine was a babysitter in the 70s. A couple who lived nearby asked her to babysit their baby a few times. I didn’t get the sense that she knew them well. Every time she’d go they said the baby was sleeping and not to disturb the baby by checking on it. The baby never cried. The parents would come home and relieve her. She never saw or heard a baby.
At the time I don’t think my family member thought much of it, but has told me this story several times because it keeps nagging at her. How could a baby be asleep for the entire time she was there, every time. No noises. Nothing. Today, she thinks there must not have been a baby but has no idea why they’d hire her.
” — [deleted]

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6. Actual Swords: Unexpected Revelations

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“My older brother and I play swords in the bathroom, daddy taught us how.”
Asked him to show me with his action figures what he meant, expecting the worst, and he says look! And goes in his dad’s closet and pulls out these giant foam swords. Whew!
” — hydrangeasinbloom

7. Cheating Moms: A Sad Reality

Break up
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I nannied for this very rich family with three kids from the west coast who would come to south Florida for summer vacation every year. The mother was in her thirties, clearly had her kids when she was young, and was very stereotypically hot— blonde, thin, big boobs, perfect teeth. Her husband was a little older, salt and pepper, suuuuper handsome, very George Clooney-esque. Their kids were all blonde-haired, blue-eyed, supercute. They absolutely adored their parents.
Dad would help the kids and mom settle in at the house and then fly back to Cali for work. I babysat 3-5 times a week, 6:30pm-2am. Mom would get all dolled up, leave her wedding ring on the kitchen counter, and come home very late, clearly drunk, and sometimes brought men home with her that she introduced as her “friends.” She would often overpay me, which I never complained about, but I worried for the kids.
” — damnitmelanie

8. Cheating Dads: An Unwelcome Discovery

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I was babysitting for a local family who owned car dealerships. I answered the phone hello as one does and it was the father who didn’t know his wife had hired a babysitter so she could go to an appointment. He started in with the stupidest sexy voice until he realized it wasn’t wife, he hung up. Later he was caught cheating.” –NANDINIA5

9. Squatters?: A Surreal Setting

Empty home
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One family- I still dunno what was up with them. It’s like they were squatting in a model home or something. It was a fully furnished house that looked to be straight out of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, but there was nothing in the drawers, fridge or cabinets. No toiletries in the bathroom except for toilet paper, no food or silverware in the kitchen, no clothes in the closets or in the kid’s drawers and no toys! The lady just told me to order food for the kids & they watched tv. It was weird!” — HanginWithLucretia

10. Whose Kids Were They?: A Baffling Encounter

Haunted house
Image Credits: Pixabay

Summoned by a mysterious woman to an eerie apartment reminiscent of a horror movie setting, a babysitter finds herself surrounded by unkempt children and unsettling occurrences. There was no food, no tv, and an all-round horrifying experience for a 13-year-old. Here is the entire account by  — fionaharris

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11. Bags of Sugar: Uncovering a Disturbing Secret

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i used to babysit when i was around 13-14 ish. […] the parents left and the kids wanted those dinosaur chicken nuggets so i made them some. as they were eating the 7 yr old asked for a toy, she said it was in her parents dresser. i didn’t want to snoop around but if she wanted the toy, i get it for her. i went into the parents room and found the dresser. i opened the first one and all i see are stacks of cash.. okay. weird but not my business. i went back out to ask the girl what dresser drawer it was in. she goes over and literally points at the second drawer and said “oh don’t open that one, it has bags of sugar in it, that’s what i hear mommy say”. i was like oh.. okay then.. she grabs her toy from the 4th drawer and runs off. i did take a peak in the drawer and sure enough, under the socks were bags of cocaine. […].” — itchinandburning

12. You’d Be Surprised: Dark Realities Unveiled

SM Handcuffs
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“I babysit 3-5 times a week.
You’d be surprised at how many toys I see. A lot of them are just out in the open. Like they forgot to hide them. I overnighted once and the guest bed had bondage straps. Parents totally forgot about that.
That’s not too surprising. But some of their kinks are.
Probably the darkest was this 5-year-old
girl I babysit. She was the victim of sexual assault for a couple of years by an Aunt and Uncle. No charges pressed or anything. Mom and Dad just cut all contact with that side of the family.
I live in a small town so I see the Aunt pretty often. It’s sickening. They understandably have a ton of cameras set up in their house now and aren’t gone for more than a couple of hours. The child has a very weird bedtime routine which is how I found out.” — [deleted]

13. Glitter: An Unexpected Discovery

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I was babysitting for my neighbors, & they were super nice people, two kids, very pottery barn people. They would always come home late, with no cash to pay me, but they’d come by my house literally the next day with the cash, […] Once before they left, when they were in the other room saying goodbye to the kids, I went to move the wife’s purse and saw a really big roll of singles. I brushed it off, but then another time their daughter had an allergic reaction & I texted them a SOS. When I got a call back, I picked up & heard club music. It was a couple sittings after that, when I left through the back door and saw the husband in the garage, shaking glitter off their clothes, that I realized they were probably going to a strip club. When I went to college, they switched to using my sister as a sitter, & I sat down with her and explained where they went and not to ask or act suspicious. […].” — aintnogreatloss

14. Bad Parents, Bad Kids: A Disturbing Environment

Couple arguing
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I used to nanny for a family. At the interview they seemed totally normal, even the first day wasn’t too terrible. I quickly realized that both parents were abusive, mom had severe anger issues (and was medicated for some condition related to it), dad was a borderline sexual predator who constantly talked about how gross looking his wife was and how he’d divorce her.
Their kids were just as bad, one of them was also medicated for behavioral issues. I found out later that the reason they were hiring a nanny opposed to day care was because their kids had been kicked out of the daycares in the area.
Noped out of that situation within a few months.
” — rlw0312

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15. Abuse : Taking Action Against Abuse

Child crying
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‘My daddy hits my mommy sometimes.” For that one, I was still in high school. I told my mom what she said and my mom went to the police station to report it.” — hydrangeasinbloom

16. Dogs Always Know: Canine Intuition

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One time I group babysat at a neighbor’s house with this child and when the father came to pick the child up, the neighbor’s dog when ballistic and tried to bite him. Shortly after it came out that the dad was abusing the daughter.” — sessha12

17. Murderers: A Tragic Turn of Events

Paint that looks like blood splatter
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I babysat three young boys during my senior year of high school. Their parents were separated and having marriage issues but went on weekly date nights to work on their marriage, as well as attend counseling. What I didn’t know was that the husband was abusing the wife. One day, she filed a restraining order against him and this made him go into a rage. He broke into her apartment and killed her and then killed himself, all while the boys were home. They were able to escape out the garage.” — ProfessorPizza

18. Lots and Lots of Money: A Hidden Fortune

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I nannied for a wealthy couple (she was a surgeon, he was an architect), and the husband had a study in the house that the wife joked about never being allowed in. […] So one day I just roamed around in there. I didn’t really find anything, and I was kinda disappointed, but then I grabbed a book off one of the shelves. The thing had money pressed between it’s pages – about $500, if I had to guess. Picked up another book, found the same thing. I think I checked like ten different books, and every single one had money hidden in it.
Still not sure if the dude was just paranoid about banks or if he was intentionally hiding money from his wife.
” — UsedToBeOnFire

19. Drugs: A Close Call

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I was babysitting once and the kids were wrestling in the living room. All of a sudden the smell of dank filled the room. I hear the kids stop and say “what is that?”. One of them had knocked over a big tin can on a shelf and the parents weed stash spilled everywhere. I sent the kids away and cleaned it all up for them and put it back.” — Neopetwashout

20. Busted: Caught in the Act

Blank card
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We all went to school together, so when we got off the bus, we’d walk to their apartment and I’d watch them, made sure we got homework done, and make them the Snack of the Day. One day, we had a half day at school, and I think the mom forgot, because when we walked into the apartment, I heard one of the doors shut. At the time, we thought it was an intruder, so I grabbed the 5yo’s baseball bat, told them to stay in the room, and I’d do some investigating. I opened the bathroom door, and there was the mom, half naked, with a guy that wasn’t her husband. She gave me all the money in her wallet and her business card (she was a photographer) and told me to never speak of it again. I caught her cheating and made out with $400 and a $650 photo shoot package (took pictures for all the upcoming holidays so I could keep giving gifts to my family). I babysat them for about 3 months after, before they moved away.” — throwawayyyyyyyyy126

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