Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
May 23, 2024 ·  6 min read

18 Types Of Women Who Make Horrible Partners

Undesirable habits can exist in both men and women making them horrible partners. However, people have differing boundaries and priorities. As such, they also have different expectations in a relationship. These 18 behaviors in women, often mean they’ll be a less than ideal partner.

1. A Horrible Partner Won’t Compromise

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Although stubbornness isn’t a bad trait, it can sometimes be the reason for a failed relationship. Compromise is necessary in any relationship, ensuring both parties feel seen and heard. However, women stuck on doing things their way will have difficulty compromising. This can leave their partner feeling unimportant or invalidated in addition to feeling as though their wants or needs don’t matter.

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2. A Horrible Partner Lacks Empathy

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Showing empathy is one of many ways people can show others they’re genuinely supported. In contrast, a woman who can’t empathize with others makes a horrible partner because their spouse, as well as friends, may feel as though they can’t rely on her for support through challenging times.

3. A Horrible Partner is Self-Centered

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In the same way that lacking empathy or refusing to compromise can signal to others that their needs don’t matter, so too can someone self-centered. Constant focus on one’s challenges and accomplishments often causes others to feel unsupported or unseen.

4. She Struggles to Commit

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Another sign of a horrible partner is a woman who can’t commit. For example, everyone wants to feel wanted and loved but a person who isn’t entirely committed to their relationship will likely never be able to meet those wants or needs.

5. Or isn’t Loyal

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Similar to commitment issues, being unloyal is a major red flag in a relationship because infidelity causes extreme pain or heartbreak, feelings of betrayal, and severe trust issues or insecurities.

6. She Pushes You to Change

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There’s nothing wrong with a woman encouraging or challenging their spouse to improve their health or advance their career and personal accomplishments. In some cases, a woman may note her partner complicating a task and want to offer an easier way. For example, she may question why he folds his shirts the way he does if she knows a method that takes less time and effort. However, if a woman is overly critical and always points out someone’s “flaws” then she’ll likely make a horrible partner, if not one who is emotionally abusive.

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7. She Parties Too Much

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While many couples enjoy entertaining and socializing with friends and family, someone who prioritizes partying or going out over the relationship, children, or other important responsibilities will likely make a horrible partner. In many cases, they’ll pass off all responsibility to their spouse, creating a stressful environment in which their partner may become overwhelmed.

8. Trust is a Slippery Slope

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Trust is a complicated topic because nearly everyone has lied and been lied to in a relationship. Therefore, many people have trust issues to work through. Subsequently, being treated with patience might be all someone needs to feel comfortable and secure in their relationship. Alternatively, a woman who hasn’t worked through any, may constantly check up on you or make accusations. Eventually, these will wear down the relationship and ultimately lead to a failed marriage or relationship.

9. She doesn’t Listen

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Similarly to being self-centered, never listening can take a toll on a relationship, leaving a partner feeling unimportant and undervalued. Therefore, if a woman constantly interrupts her partner while they’re speaking, or never gives them a chance to speak, she’ll likely make a horrible partner.

10. She doesn’t Lift You Up

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Although everyone makes mistakes or has shortcomings, partners must support and encourage each other. Moreover, they must remind one another how loved, respected, valued, and appreciated they are. However, when you feel hopeless and like the deck is stacked against you, a horrible partner will likely cause you to feel worse about the situation.

11. No Quality Time

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For many, there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything. However, significant others need to make time for one another so their relationship can grow and be strengthened. If a woman doesn’t put forth the effort to spend quality time with you she’ll probably be a horrible partner because you’ll likely end up feeling neglected.

12. You’re not Compatible

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In many ways, two wildly different people can complement each other beautifully, harmonizing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Alternatively, a woman will likely make a horrible partner if your goals and plans aren’t aligned. For example, if one of you wants children and the other doesn’t it’s quite possible that you won’t be able to agree. Or one partner wants to travel while the other never wants to leave the house.

13. A Horrible Partner Always Needs Rescuing

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Although it’s a great feeling to help others, there comes a time when it becomes exhausting. If a woman needs constant help with finances or emotional support, she’ll probably be a horrible partner because it will eventually wear down your patience and energy.

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14. She’s Always Negative

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Life is hard for most people, constantly bringing challenges such as loss, conflict at work, and the stressors of having a tiny person, or people, in your home and relying on you. Therefore, a woman who is always thinking negatively, prepared for the worst in every situation will make a horrible partner because her negativity will take a toll on your mental health. Or add more stress to your life.

15. Talks about Others

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A woman who constantly gossips or speaks badly of others likely doesn’t have a lot of respect or hold a lot of value for the relationships in her life. Furthermore, she’ll likely talk badly about you to her friends when you’ve done something to upset her, harboring negative feelings. Rather than discussing the issue openly and hopefully finding a resolution.

16. She Won’t Admit She’s Wrong

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A healthy relationship requires both parties to admit when they’ve made a mistake or are wrong. People feel validated, respected, and heard. However, a woman incapable of owning up to her mistakes or acknowledging her flaws will more often become the victim, turning your feelings around on you.

17. All of Her Exes are Crazy

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This means one of two things. First, she has poor taste in men and probably has some inner work to do before she’ll be an ideal partner. Second, she was a bigger cause for her previous breakups than she’s led you to believe. Either way, she’ll probably make a horrible partner, unless she has worked to heal her internal wounds.

18. A Horrible Partner is Manipulative

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A woman who controls you with her emotions will make a horrible partner because she’ll make you feel bad for doing the things you enjoy. For example, she may cry or get upset when you say you’re going out with your friends. While it’s common for partners to miss each other or struggle to be away for long periods, everyone needs some time to themselves or reconnect with friends and family.

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