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January 28, 2024 ·  4 min read

16 Photos Proving That Life in Sweden Is Nothing Like in the Rest of the World

With a population of just 10.4 million, Sweden might seem like a small country compared to its more densely populated counterparts.1 Still, this Nordic nation is full of surprises and unique quirks that make it stand out. Join us as we delve into some fascinating aspects of Swedish life.

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Swedish Culinary Delights

Photo Credit Nordic Visitor

Sweden’s coffee culture is renowned, and is a cherished coffee break tradition called “fika”. While enjoying this, relish local cuisine beyond meatballs, such as reindeer, seafood, and Smörgåsbord feasts on special occasions. Don’t forget to sample traditional Swedish meatballs, typically served with potatoes and lingonberry sauce.

Swedish Kebab-Pizza Fusion

Photo Credit Imgur

Sweden is known for its culinary innovation, and one delectable example is the Swedish kebab-pizza. This fusion dish combines the best of both worlds, offering a flavorful blend of kebab meat and classic pizza toppings. It’s a mouthwatering treat that’s gained popularity both in Sweden and beyond.

The Subway

Credit: Shutterstock

The Stockholm subway system is a work of art in itself. Its stations are adorned with stunning murals, sculptures, and unique designs that transform the underground commute into an immersive cultural experience. Travelers can admire the beauty of the city’s subway while waiting for their train. Dubbed “the world’s longest art exhibition”, it is over 110 kilometers (68 miles) long.2

Interesting Accommodations

If you’re an aviation enthusiast, Sweden offers a unique lodging experience. Some adventurous travelers choose to stay in a Boeing 747 that’s been converted into a hostel at Arlanda Airport. It’s an unforgettable way to spend the night before your flight.

Baby Stroller Parking

Photo Credit Stowka / Reddit

Sweden’s commitment to family-friendliness extends to its public spaces. Many Swedish cities have designated parking spots for baby strollers, making it convenient for parents to navigate urban areas with their little ones.

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Life-Saving Text Messages

Credit: Shutterstock

Swedes who donate blood receive a heartwarming text message notification when their donation has been used to help a patient. This thoughtful gesture fosters a strong sense of community and encourages blood donation, knowing it directly contributes to saving lives.

Diapers with Dads

Photo Credit Caspii2 / Reddit

In a refreshing twist, diaper packaging in Sweden features fathers as prominently as mothers. This reflects the country’s commitment to gender equality and progressive family values, emphasizing the shared responsibility of parenting.

True WiFi Service 

Credit: Shutterstock

Sweden boasts blazing-fast internet speeds, making it a tech-savvy nation. Residents can easily work, study, and stream content online with reliable and high-speed connections. This impressive connectivity contributes to Sweden’s reputation as a hub for tech and innovation.

Chessboards in Parks

Photo Credit Microscout / Reddit

Sweden encourages mental exercise as well, with chessboards available on park tables. It’s an invitation for residents and visitors to enjoy a leisurely chess game while surrounded by nature.

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Giant Christmas Tree in Stockholm

Photo Credit Visit Stockholm

Stockholm boasts one of the tallest Christmas trees in the world, standing at a towering 35 meters. This magnificent tree adds to the festive atmosphere during the holiday season.

Adorable Traffic Lights

Photo Credit Atlas Obsura

Even traffic lights in Stockholm have a touch of charm. Adorable designs make waiting at intersections a little more delightful.

Record Store for Mice

Lund, a city in Sweden, is home to a unique establishment—an adorable record store designed for mice. While it may be a miniature attraction, it adds a whimsical touch to the local culture.

Interesting Parking Arrangements

Photo Credit Univrses

Parking in Stockholm is not your typical urban experience. With cutouts in barriers, children and adults can observe construction sites and rivers from the comfort of their vehicles. It’s a thoughtful touch that enhances the city’s urban planning.

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Special Toilets

Photo Credit Kc3w / Reddit

Sweden takes eco-friendliness seriously, even in restrooms. Some toilets are specially designed to separate urine, promoting sustainable waste management practices.

The Buses in Malmo 

Malmö’s innovative buses offer a unique feature—they can travel in both directions, similar to trams. This versatility enhances public transportation options in the city.


Photo Credit Nordic Visitor

Sweden’s ICEHOTEL is a must-see. Situated in the Arctic Lapland, it stays at a frigid -4°C to preserve stunning ice sculptures and furniture. Adventurous guests can stay overnight in ice rooms, bundled up in thermal sleeping bags, reindeer skin linens, and layers of warm clothing. Ready for an icy adventure?

These fascinating aspects of Sweden showcase the country’s unique blend of innovation, inclusivity, and appreciation for the finer things in life. Whether it’s culinary creations, public amenities, or cultural quirks, Sweden continues to surprise and impress visitors from around the world. Have you had the opportunity to visit this captivating country? If so, what aspect of Sweden impressed you the most?

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