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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 8, 2024 ·  4 min read

13 Things That People Think Are Illegal, But Aren’t

When you were about to do something, did you stop and think about whether it was legal or not? A lot of the time, things we think are illegal are actually just fine. Here are some of the most common things people think they’ll get in trouble for but won’t. It may be different in your state.

1. Marrying A Step Sibling

Wedding rings
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People don’t like it when people marry their step-brother or step-sister, but the law doesn’t stop you from doing it. You can marry them if you want to, even though it might seem wrong. People may just look at you strangely.

2. Recording A Conversation

Recording mic
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It is legal to record a talk in many states, even if the other person doesn’t know or agree. These states are called “one-party consent states.” Most of the time, this will be okay in most states; very few will have rules against it.

3. Sleeping In A Car

Sleeping inside car
Image Credits: Pixabay

Yes, everyone has felt sleepy while driving or after a night out and wanted to relax and fall asleep in their car. But, many people were afraid to do this because they thought it was against the law. Sleeping in your car, most of the time, is only prohibited if you are parked illegally or on private land.

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4. Taking Napkins

Image Credits: Pixabay

When you go to a fast food place, have you ever seen the big stack of napkins on the table or next to the drinks? There is no law against taking as many as you want. Just do it at your own risk, or you could get kicked out.

5. Owning A Radar Detector

Car interior
Image Credits: Pixabay

Just like police officers use them to keep track of our speeds, anyone can have their own. Even though they may be pricey, radar devices can help you figure out how fast you’re going and how fast the cars around you are going.

6. Sitting in the Bed of a Pickup Truck

Pickup truck
Image Credits: Pixabay

In 20 states, it is allowed to stay in the bed of a pickup truck. The minimum age in the other 30 states ranges from 16 to 19 years old. There isn’t a single law that says this is wrong, but you could still get in trouble for smaller rules you don’t know about.

7. Counting Cards

Deck of cards
Image Credits: Pixabay

It is not against the law to count cards. For that reason, if a casino finds out you’re counting cards, they will keep an eye on you, and if they see you, they can take you out of the casino or even ban you from it.

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8. Being Barefoot

Walking barefoot
Image Credits: Pixabay

Most businesses won’t let barefoot people in unless they are in a place where they could be barefoot all the time, like the beach. This doesn’t mean that being barefoot is illegal, though. You can only be in certain places. You could walk around without shoes, but your feet are more likely to get hurt because they don’t have any protection.

9. Taking Food Into A Restaurant

Restaurant dinner table
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Have you ever taken a McDonald’s meal to a fancy restaurant? If you stink up the place with fast food, you will probably get kicked out. This is not illegal, but it is considered rude, and the restaurant can kick you out whenever they want.

10. Free Samples

Small burgers
Image Credits: Pixabay

Don’t be that person who gets all the free samples at the grocery store. You could, however, go from one free sample place to another and keep getting them! This is not only frowned upon, but also against the law. The shop could kick you out, though.

11. Filming People In Public

Man and woman with camera in public
Image Credits: Pixabay

People might think you are weird if you walk around filming them, but it is allowed to do so in a public place. Think about it: following celebs around and taking pictures of them would become illegal, putting an end to a whole industry.

12. Arsenic

Glass bottle
Image Credits: Pixabay

Arsenic is one of the top 10 chemicals that the World Health Organization says are very bad for your health. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that eating a lot of foods that contain arsenic may raise your risk of getting heart disease, lung cancer, and even skin cancer. The EU banned arsenic, but the US hasn’t done anything about it yet.

13. Owning Exotic Animals

A bear
Image Credits: Pixabay

Getting one of these strange animals might not be the safest thing to do, but many of them are allowed. There are places like Massachusetts where you can legally buy a live bear. It’s likely that being laid on top of by a bear that weighs up to 600 pounds would not feel good. But Florida does not make it illegal to own a giraffe, so if you want one, go for it!

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