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11 of the Weirdest Things Parents Have Seen in Baby’s Ultrasound

This soon-to-be first-time mom got the shock of her life when her baby flashed a devilish smile at her from inside the womb. This is just one example of some of the funniest and weirdest ultrasounds that women have posted over the years. (1)


Weirdest Ultrasounds: The Demon Smile

Iyanna Carrington went to her 24-week scan expecting everything to follow the status quo. Go in, find out the gender of the baby, look at a few normal ultrasound images, then go home. That’s all that it seemed to be, too, until the technician went to show her baby’s face. This is when, in one of the weirdest ultrasounds the internet has ever seen, the baby had turned its face to the camera and smiled – and looked quite devilish while doing it. (1)

Image Credit: The Sun UK

“They showed her face and she looked normal, then the nurse confirmed she was a girl, but I knew that deep down already,” said Carrington. “Then they put it back on her face and she was just looking right at me like that.” (1)

She said that some people on the internet didn’t believe that it was real, but she confirmed that it is an actual image from her ultrasound. Since the posting she has confirmed that her baby is normal and is actually quite beautiful – this was just a funny image that happened to occur. (1)


More Bizzare Ultrasounds Found On The Internet

Carrington isn’t the only person to have strange ultrasound images. In fact, many parents-to-be have posted some of the funny, strange, and somewhat startling images that they have seen of their in-utero child.


1. Another Devil Baby

If you thought Carrington’s baby looked like a demon, get a load of this baby’s face.

Image Credit: Kerry Lewrew / Instagram

2. Carnival Eyes

This baby’s picture looks like something straight out of an old-fashioned fun house.

Image via: Cafemom

3. How Rude

Once this little baby is born, their parents are going to have to teach them some manners!

Image via: Cafemom

4. Rocking Out

Maybe this mom listened to a lot of rock music, or maybe this baby is destined to be a musician. Who knows?

Image Credit: Makelle Throckmorton Ahlin / Facebook

5. When Dinosaurs Attack

In this sonogram, it appears as though a T-Rex somehow found its way into the womb. Don’t worry, though, mother and baby are just fine.

Image via: Cafemom

6. A-OK, Mom and Dad

One of the weirdest ultrasounds? Yes, but also inspiring. This little baby just wanted their parents to know that they were doing well.

Image via Cafemom

7. The Playful One

This little baby is having a blast playing inside their mother’s womb. I wonder how much fun this little one will be after it is born?

8. The Hand

It looks like this little one is trying to escape early. Either that, or they are just wanting to wave hello!

Image via Cafemom

9. The Duck

These parents thought they were having a human baby – until they saw the ultrasound!

Image via: MentalFloss

10. Here, Kitty Kitty

Another set of parents who it appears they are in for more than they bargained for. Can you see the cat in this ultrasound?

Image Taken From: MentalFloss

These are certainly some of the weirdest ultrasounds I have ever seen. Have you ever seen something so strange?

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