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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 28, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘I’m 52 but people say I look decades younger – facial exercises are key’

Aging is one of those undefeated phenomena. It is something that affects us all, and no one can escape the claws of time. One woman has stunned the world with her TikTok videos. She claims she is 52 years old, but her followers swear she looks 32. She has shared her secrets through her blog. Rather than getting needles poked into her skin, she claims facial exercises are the real fountain of youth. 

Ella's facial exercises can hep you look years younger she says.
Image credit: TikTok

Facelift with facial exercise 

If you have been scrolling through TikTok recently, you may have stumbled across a youthful-looking woman who goes by the name @agelessella. You may not have believed her at first, but we assure you she is 52 years old! By now you must be wondering to yourself, wow she must have inherited some great aging genes because she only looks 32. Ella decided to create a blog that shares her ageless aging secrets. 

On her blog called, Facial Exercises With Ella, the 52-year-old introduces the page by saying: “I am Ella and I’m fifty years old. I’m so excited to be sharing my anti-aging facial exercises with you!”

She then shared a few pictures that would surprise you when you remember that she’s already 52! She then introduces the facial exercise courses that she has personally designed to help people maintain their youthful complexions. 

Are you ready to start your face rejuvenation journey? With my Natural Facelift program, you can start to look up to 10 years younger in just six short weeks!” 

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Ella’s journey

Ella then wrote about her journey with facial exercises. She explained that she started doing them when she was only in her 30s, and many people have proclaimed how it seems to have stopped her internal clock. Ella wrote, “I started doing facial exercises in my late thirties and because of this, I’m now in my fifties looking like I’m still in my thirties!” 

The youthful 52-year-old said that she has been working on a program that is flawless for over a decade, which is meant to help you look at least a decade younger! “Over the past ten years, I’ve developed a series of facial exercises which have helped me to maintain a toned, youthful, ageless face and continue to give me a ‘Natural Facelift’!” 

She wants everyone to glow up instead of growing upElla wrote, “Countless women have asked me to share my ‘anti-aging secret’ and so I decided to share my facial exercises with you so we can all ‘glow-up’ as we grow older!” 

Ella’s facial exercises – programs and aging tips

In terms of the courses she offers, there are two options available. The first course is the beginners’ option. On her blog, the course’s description reads:” My beginners’ course is the best place to start your rejuvenation journey and start glowing up!”

Ella says you can reduce a double chin with facial exercises
Image credit: TikTok

There is also the option to book a private lesson with Ella. There she wrote: “Book a personalized Facial Exercise Lesson with me, in the comfort of your own home via Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype.” 

Ella also suggests other remedies, aside from facial exercises, to aging that are quite surprising. She says you can try cutting or dying your hair. Because a new hairstyle can make you feel fresh. Next, you can also try bleaching your teeth the natural way, using lemon juice. 

The internet can’t believe she’s 52

People who have viewed her TikTok videos have exclaimed over her youthful appearance. Many people are shocked to find out she’s 52 years old. One TikTok user commented: “I should say you’re ageing gracefully”. Another said: “OMG you have got to be kidding. You look amazing”

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