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Chantel Brink
July 3, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman Disguises Dog As Baby So They Can Visit Their Grandmother In The Hospital

Californian Shelby Hennick, 21 did something brave for her grandmother who was ill at the time. Her grandma was in a critical state due to issues with her lungs and a long battle with her general health. Her only solace was her little dog, Patsy. Dogs are not generally allowed into hospitals, so the granddaughter had a brilliant idea for her next hospital visit.

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Shelby had an ingenious idea for her next hospital visit with her grandma

My grandma is in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog. So I made it look like I was carrying a baby and we made it.” Shelby wrote, posting 3 accompanying pics on Twitter. It took only 24 hours for the post to reach over 10 million views. Not everyone was happy and some complained that what she had done was unfair to other patients.

The plan was simple – bring Patsy to see her owner in the hospital without getting caught

Shelby holding Patsy in a blanket for their hospital visit
Image Credit: Shelbae / Twitter

Shelby headed off to her 79-year-old grandma’s home and fetched Patsy. The car ride from home to the hospital was quite long. Patsy had settled down nicely when they arrived for a second hospital visit. The pup was covered in a blanket and Shelby then walked right in. Nobody noticed a thing as they all assumed she was carrying a baby.

As Shelby walked into her grandma’s room, you could see her face light right up. She wasn’t hinted at what may be under the blanket. But when Shelby removed the blanket, her grandma was left totally speechless. Seeing Patsy again was all she needed to perk right up. The story went viral on Twitter and people’s hearts melted.

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Feedback from the public about the dog’s hospital visit was both heartfelt and honest

Shelby with her grandma's dog, Patsy
Image Credit: Shelbae / Twitter

The story was shared on Facebook and received many comments from others who thought that Shelby had done a very brave thing that day. One reader commented, “I did the same thing for my grandfather while he was in the hospital, although it was more difficult to get in with ours.”

One of Shelby’s Instagram followers was not so keen on the idea. “I understand what you did and I genuinely do see that it is a nice gesture that your grandma must have loved. I simply want to increase understanding because there are dangers and sensitivity issues in a hospital setting.”

People need to be aware of these factors and educate themselves on the whole situation rather than just glorifying the “cute factor” portion of the story. If someone else’s loved one fell into sickness and they had to watch her slowly die from some unexpected illness from exposure, this would be a much less happy story.”

Shelby was quick to respond in regard to her hospital visit

Patsy in her owner's arms at the hospital
Image Credit: Shelbae / Twitter

“How do you know I didn’t take any precautions with her? She’s fully vaccinated. She’s clean. Well behaved. Potty trained. She never went on the floor. She was wrapped in a towel the whole time, and this hospital has single-patient rooms, so nobody was exposed to her. So yeah. I think we’re fine.” The comments were since deleted, but it’s pretty clear there were no ill intentions here.

It’s amazing how much hate I’ve received. Like y’all wouldn’t do that for your grandma?” Hannick wrote on Twitter. She also mentioned that she had to block multiple followers as the hate messages just kept pouring in. It’s common for specially trained service dogs to visit hospitals.

They are used for therapeutic treatment and are approved by the hospital for their visits. They go door to door, visiting each patient, and offering hugs and cuddles. This treatment has been proven to help patients throughout their recovery and is very much encouraged. It would be wise though to check in before bringing your pet from home.

Watch the full video here:

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