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November 1, 2022 ·  4 min read

Tracy Morgan’s Daughter Has Dreams Of Becoming A Marine Biologist — So, He Built A 20,000-Gallon Shark Tank In His Backyard

When appearing on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Tracy Morgan’s daughter, 9-year-old Maven Sonae was asked what she wanted to be one day. She didn’t hesitate for a second, stating that she wants to become a marine biologist. She also mentioned that sharks are her favorite and that she wants to learn everything she can about the ocean.

A devoted father, Tracy Morgan opens up about his love for his daughter

Tracy Morgan has always been a devoted dad, having been in a life-threatening car accident in 2014, leaving him fighting for his life while Maven was only 10 months old. “She’s very close to me. We’re very close. That’s my baby. She’s my greatest costar ever. Ever,” he said.

She was 10 months old when I got hit by the truck. So, people don’t just come out of comas — I had to fight. I knew I had to be here for her,” said Morgan. “I wanted to see my daughter. I’ve always wanted a daughter. I have a female version of me, and I’m looking at her every day as she grows under my gaze. And I love her.”

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When dreams do come true

Fortunately, Maven won’t have to wait to achieve her dreams as Tracy has had a 20,000-gallon tank built for his daughter in their backyard. The tank contains 14-5 lack and white-tip sharks. They also have an additional 8 tanks in their home.

“There’s 14 or 15 sharks in there, black tips, white tips,” Morgan said on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” “She wanted to study, so I put like eight tanks in the house and I have the shark tank outside the house.”

Tracy Morgan's shark tank at home
Image Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show YouTube

There’s even a specially designed tank in their home containing cone snails – one of the most dangerous animals on the planet.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, “The smallest cone snails impart a sting that is about as powerful as a bee sting, but the sting of larger species can kill an adult human in a matter of hours. The deadliest cone snail is thought to be the ‘cigarette snail’ of the Indo-Pacific, a snail roughly the length of a man’s thumb that can deliver a toxin so strong that you’d only have time to finish one cigarette before dying from its attack.”

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Tracy Morgan and his daughter Maven Sonae
Image Credit: The Kelly Clarkson Show YouTube

Maven has no issues with dangerous animals, stating that the word “brave” has some rather significant meaning to her.Something you do dangerous but you do it anyways,” Sonae said on the show.

“You have to be brave. She understands that and she knows that…It takes a lot of guts to go after your dreams…because one thing that stops us in our lives is the word if. ‘What if it doesn’t work’ No, you have to keep going. If it doesn’t work you do something else,” Morgan added.

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A dad who nurtures

Last year saw Tracy Morgan pulling out all the stops for his daughter Maven. Ahead of Halloween, Morgan had his entire basement turned into a haunted house for Maven and her friends to enjoy.

“Every year, I do that for her and her friends at school. I turn the whole basement – the whole basement becomes a haunted house,” explained Morgan.

“It’s very scary down there. I don’t go down there,” he admitted. “You got It the clown and his eyes are lighting up and I’m like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa.’ So, I go down every morning to work out in my gym with my trainer, then I’m upstairs.”

For my sons and my daughter, I just want to leave a legacy,” he said. “When I’m long-gone dead, I want them to go to my star in Hollywood and say, ‘That’s my grandpop’ … and they can build on top of that.”

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